Must Read Alaska  January 15, 2018

Good morning from somewhere in Alaska … Juneau, to be exact this week … Welcome to Must Read Alaska … This news compendium lands in the inboxes of 11,000 Alaskans every Monday … Read on down to see who applied to become the next senator for District E…


Two murders have occurred in Anchorage since Jan. 1. Last night there was another big shooting and three went to the hospital with serious injuries. At this time last year, there had been no murders to date, but the city still set a new record at 34, one every 11 days.

As Mayor Berkowitz said, it’s a perfectly safe city. Just don’t go out after midnight, or in this case, 8 pm.

If you’ve had it with crime in Anchorage, click to learn more about the new mail-in-only election.

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