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Quonset Hut or Hanger Option?

Quonset Hut or Hanger Option?

Living in an Airplane Hangar Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

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Sea Cruise


Cat Muse



Shorpy August 19, 2016

UPDATE: Restaurant ID thanks to tterrace. June 7, 1943. "Restaurant soda fountain, Sausalito, California." Anyone got a nickel? 8x10 acetate negative, photographer unknown.

UPDATE: Restaurant ID thanks to tterrace.
June 7, 1943. “Restaurant soda fountain, Sausalito, California.” Anyone got a nickel? 8×10 acetate negative, photographer unknown.

Problems and Corrections?

Do you have any familiarity with these programs and how well do they work?

Is this a proactive, reactive and most importantly an effective community policing idea?   Maybe folks could sit in a circle and sing of romance, harmony and brotherhood.  Then when that doesn’t work as planned,  the hard-ass SWAT, Delta folks can explain reality.


Devin Kelly: Former Anchorage Assemblyman Paul Honeman hired in new police position

University Sports: The costs and benefits for all?

Colleges can not support themselves and provide quality education for all students.  What guidelines are used to determine necessity and how many students benefit?


Beth Bragg, Doyle Woody University budget report puts Alaska college hockey in crosshairs



Beware The Cosmic Light Bulb August 19, 2016

There’s a fine balance between working to define ourselves without our old roles and thinking too much about ourselves. A fine line between autonomy and pushiness. If life is a constant story of error, correction, and resolution to do better, I guess there’s more of the same in my Third Third. Yup.


Our Third Thirds Beware the Cosmic Light Bulb


South Anchorage Farmers Market – Saturday

9 am – 2 pm

@ Subway/Cellular One Sports Centre

(the corner of Old Seward and O’Malley)

South Anchorage Farmers Market – Saturday

Bridge Recycling

How Old Bridges Are Turned into Turntables


Women Only Olympics 1922

The Olympic Committee Spent Years Concern-Trolling Women About ‘Wandering Wombs’
But the women’s-only Olympics of 1922 disproved doctors, doubters, and the IOC.
by Natalie Zarrelli August 17, 2016


Women’s Only Olympics of 1922

76th Sturgis 2016: NSFW

76th STURGIS MOTORCYCLE RALLY 2016 (South Dakota) || Ready to Erupt with Cool Bikes & Hot Babes