Paul Militaru: Critic for one day…

Critic for one day

Like a joke I would say … “than to go into the refrigerator and think cold, better go outside, frost a little, but I can think cold.” I said, I went a little outside to walk though it was cold and ugly but I blew my brain a little.
Does it matter if I’m ready to write again? Why not because I’m tired of the Internet and Google, then the answer would be … Why not? Uffff, I was frozen so I’ll go home to write again.
Before starting and inserting some of the ideas into a little story, I pray that made me happy or unhappy in a certain part of my life, I will give you two quotes from the famous Oscar Wilde (whom I adore him), which are very close to my little history, namely:
“Life is the best theater, but, sorry, the repertoire is a little stupid.”
“Being natural is a very difficult position – you will not resist.”


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