Quotes April 09, 2018

Courtesy of Lifehack:

I believe that everyone has a purpose and if they discover that purpose, they can unlock the amazing potential they have within. To do that, you’ve got to own yourself! Envying someone else’s life is pointless if they have a different inner purpose than you. Learn to embrace yourself instead.

Do you want to achieve your dreams and goals? That’s an output. What inputs are you investing towards it. That’s cause and effect. Everyone knows the phrase “garbage in, garbage out”. What if you apply this question to your life?’
“It’s never too late to start over whether you’re 16 or 90 – there’s always a chance to recreate yourself.”
Jim M.
“Live your own life, own your own life. Don’t follow someone else’s script.”
Bernadette F.
“Remember that each one of us on this planet is different with our own beautiful set of skills, capabilities and desires.”
JL Hudson
“You are the only person you will live with for the rest of your life.”
Linda C.
“Always remember the rule of cause and effect in this life”
Dr. Minoo I.
“Every bit of progress matters. Even on the days when you feel like you’re backsliding or like you’ll never attain whatever goal you’re aiming for. Sometimes you can’t see the stars from all the mud in your eyes but you have to trust that they’re there.”
Diana R.