Quotes April 17, 2017

“Love is never wasted.”



“Rather than acting from a place of weakness or scarcity, choosing to love is a choice that comes from abundance, from wisdom, from compassion.”



“If you don’t take care of yourself and develop your best self, how can you give your best to others?”



“There is room in this world for lots of beauty, success, love, and badassery, after all.”



“Life is too short. I know that’s easier said than done, but radically accepting your own shortcomings is every bit as important as radically accepting your partner’s.”



“You have great wisdom and can trust yourself to find the right answers from within.”



“The ability to identify a desire, no matter how small it is, and then following through with it is such an amazing confidence boost. It’s saying YES to yourself.”



“Quit sweating the small stuff; let go of your tendency to control, blame and be defensive, and extend more empathy and compassion to yourself.”



“Remember that you are worthy of tremendous love from others and yourself.”



“Say no to the self-sabotage of being too narrow and judgmental. Have the confidence in yourself to open your heart and say yes!”

Andrea Miller