Quotes August 14, 2021

Shower Thoughts via Reddit
“‘Part of a complete breakfast’ is a nice way of saying ‘not a complete breakfast.’”
“We all probably have a talent for something that we didn’t try yet.”
“Dogs probably think they have a 100% success rate protecting the house from the mailman.”
“In 100 years the internet will be full of dead accounts.”
“Being bored in your own house is somehow better than being bored at someone else’s house.”
“If humanity ever discovers a portal to a different dimension, we’d probably use it to dispose of trash.”
“Your bank account can be empty but it can never be full.”
“The Universe might’ve already ended, and we’re just waiting for it to reach us, like cosmic dominos.”
“We always refer to things being “on fire” when in reality fire is always the one on things.”
“The posted speed limit is the legally-accepted maximum limit, but the socially-accepted minimum limit.”
“You have fallen asleep thousands of times, and seen it, but you never remember it.