Quotes August 24, 2018

You might be a tanker if:
You’ve ever been fined for riding with your head sticking out your car’s sunroof.
Your wife complains because the kitchen junk drawer is full of MILES keys and heater parts.
You giggle when your hunting buddies talk about the awesome stopping power of the .308 Winchester.
You named your son Roger.
You drive a ’59 Caddy because you like “the feel of a lot of American iron. ”
You announce “On the way!” before you break wind.
Instead of meeting you at the door with a cold beer after work, your wife meets you with a can of degreaser and orders to strip before you touch the furniture.
After returning from the field it takes you a while to get used to food without the “diesel smoked” flavor.
When buying a new car you make the salesman lay out the BII.
You refer to General Patton as Him.
You refer to the Gulf War as “The big one of 91. ”
When working on your car you fill out a DA 2404.
A pillow is nice, but a CVC is better.
You think 19Kilo should be 19Sweep.
You wish your POV had Tac Idle.
You have a BBQ and invite all three of your friends.
You rank monster trucks between a Bradley and an M1 tank.
You carry a tanker bar in your POV.
You think hot spots are targets, not clubs.
You wish Suburbans weren’t so expensive.
Before your son/daughter can use your car they must complete a request for dispatch.
You don’t buy gas for your car, instead you “top off” 
Your kids call the sandbox “NTC”.
Your dog’s name is Sabot.