Quotes August 26, 2021

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Do fewer things. Do them better. Know WHY you’re doing them.”
Cal Newport.
The sun will rise again. The world will right itself. Hang on you don’t want to miss this!
We’re back on “stay at home.” The ICUs are filling up or full all over the country. Life feels a bit like we’re sitting in an empty room in a too small chair with a balloon tied to our chair. This season WILL pass, sooner than you think. Be kind to yourself and everyone you know.
People are showing a lot of their personal nuttiness lately. You don’t have to argue with them or take on their mad-ness. Be kind. They need our patience and kindness, now more than ever.

All you have to do is be kind.

“Okay, thanks.” “Good luck.” “Mind your own business.”

Or my favorite — “My mask is not about you.”
Some things in your life are blooming, while some things are fading. Be kind to yourself by focusing on what’s blooming.
There are so many words to read out there in the world. The words you put IN your mind are the words that will come OUT of your mouth. Take in kind words — you’ll say kind things.
What you are looking for isn’t out there — it lives inside you. Now is a perfect time to listen to your own small quiet voice. Listen. Hear your own truth.
It’s been a wild and wooly week. Take some times this weekend to be kind to yourself. Turn off the phone. Get out of the house and into nature while the weathers still good. Breathe. Be kind.
Fear is a liar! Everyone’s fear lies. There isn’t anything to learn from fear. There is no wisdom in fear. Fear only lies. Take a deep breath. Feel your strong beating heart. Remember your purpose. And move forward. You’ve got this.
What if we decide that this was the adventure we’ve been waiting for?