Quotes December 22, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Rudeness is a weak persons imitation of strength.”
Eric Hoffer
Being kind is a strong person’s way of sharing their strength with another.
Kindness is the way. Love is the why.
Even when everything seems the same, depressing old crud. Look closer. There is magnificence in the shadows. Beauty in the contrast of grey on white. And kindness in the silent moments between the same old crud.
It’s dark here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s easy to let the dark seep into your soul. Be kind to yourself. Sleep a bit more. Drink warm fluids. Take care of you so that you can light up the world.
Just be kind to everyone you interact with. It’s easier than you think.
Kind words are sweet to the soul. So share them liberally.
Even though you often cannot see it, light filters down upon you from the heavens. No matter how dark it feels wherever you are, you are born to the light. The light is there for you. Being kind is the best way to enhance your light and that of someone else’s.
Whatever bubble you’re in, be kind — inside and outside of your bubble. Kindness will help us get through this time.