Quotes February 06, 2021

Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.
Wayne Dyer
Your words are very powerful and what you say matters; keep them positive and powerful.
Farshad Asl
Change always involves a dark night when everything falls apart. Yet if this period of dissolution is used to create new meaning, then chaos ends and new order emerges.
Meg Wheatley
Peace is the only battle worth waging.
Albert Camus
Go where your best prayers take you.
Frederick Buechner
“We cannot walk alone.”
Martin Luther King Jr.
The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.
Blaise Pascal
Consciousness is never static or complete but is an unending process of movement and unfoldment.
David Bohm
The Hopis consider running a form of prayer; they offer every step as a sacrifice to a loved one, and in return ask the Great Spirit to match their strength with some of his own.
Christopher McDougall
Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?
Mary Oliver
The one single factor that determines society’s success is the percentage of change-makers within it.
Bill Drayton
What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart.
Marshall B. Rosenberg