Quotes January 14, 2018

“It’s much easier to work hard and put in the time when there is a constant reminder that our efforts are helping people succeed.”
Ryan Williams, cofounder and president, Jopwell
“Effective communication means taking in not just what’s said but what’s unsaid, which is often more important.”
Kai Falkenberg, first deputy commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment
“A lot of times things that are quite serious come about from what at first looked a little ridiculous.”
Amy Whitaker, author and assistant professor, New York University
“I can’t do it without a team. My head would be spinning—you would think I was in The Exorcist.”
Michael Strahan, cofounder, SMAC Entertainment
“Good leaders know that humor and tenacity will get them further than anger and chaos.”
Caryl Stern, president and CEO, UNICEF USA
“The best ideas come from the strangest places.”
Baiju Bhatt, cofounder, Robinhood
“Leadership is a choice. It’s not just on high, being in a glass tower. It’s all about connection, which builds trust, which builds empathy.”
Claude Silver, chief heart officer, VaynerMedia
“Good ideas do not spread on their own. And that’s especially true in the public sector. Bike share was started 35 years ago.”
Jim Anderson, head of government innovation programs, Bloomberg Philanthropies
“Giving work is so much more powerful than giving other types of aid. Work is at the core of human dignity. When we deny refugees the right to work, we are denying them a fundamental human right.”
Leila Janah, founder and CEO, Samasource