Quotes January 26, 2021

Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself.
Robert Tew
When the fabric of communities upon which health depends is torn, then healers are called to mend it. The moral law within insists so. Improving the social determinants of health will be brought at last to a boil only by the heat of the moral determinants of health.
Donald Berwick
People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality the soul itself was the song.
we are our only relevant hope
we are our only possible medicine
adrienne maree brown
Your luminosity is intrinsic, but your brightness will depend on who is looking at you.
Ella Frances Sanders
It is up to us to take care of this planet, it is our only home. To betray nature is to betray us. To save nature is to save us.
Prince Ea
What then is time? If no one asks me, then I know. If I wish to explain it to someone who asks, I know it not.
St. Augustine
If trees have memories, respond to stress, and communicate, then what can they tell us? Will we listen?
Katie Holten
Empathy is a special way of coming to know another and ourself, a kind of attuning and understanding. When empathy is extended, it satisfies our needs and wish for intimacy, it rescues us from our feelings of aloneness.
Carl Rogers
Deep trust in life is not a feeling but a stance that you deliberately take. It is the attitude we call courage.
Br. David Steindl-Rast
To be hopeful means to be uncertain about the future, to be tender toward possibilities, to be dedicated to change all the way down to the bottom of your heart.
Rebecca Solnit