Quotes March 19, 2022

“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”
Will Rogers
“To rule a country of a thousand chariots, there must be reverent attention to business, and sincerity; economy in expenditure, and love for men; and the employment of the people at the proper seasons.”
“The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality.”
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
“For, so long as there are interesting books to read, it seems to me that neither I nor anyone else, for that matter, need be unhappy.”
Selma Lagerlöf
“Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.”
Mia Hamm
“The wiser you get, the more experience you have, and the more you see people for who they are as human beings, as opposed to figures you have to fight against.”
Vanessa Williams
“It always amazes me to think that every house on every street is full of so many stories; so many triumphs and tragedies, and all we see are yards and driveways.”
Glenn Close
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
Dan Millman – Author
The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness.
Eric Hoffer,
philosopher, writer
If you make your internal life a priority, then everything else you need on the outside will be given to you and it will be extremely clear what the next step is.
Gabrielle Bernstein – Author-Motivational Speaker
Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas.
Charles Kettering – 1876-1958 – Inventor-Engineer
Remember that there’s always another way of seeing things: that’s the beginning of wisdom.
John Barth,
What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.
Anne Frank – 1929-1945 – German-Dutch Diarist-Jewish Holocaust Victim