Quotes May 27, 2021

Quotes courtesy of Lori Deschene/Tiny Buddha

“Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted—it is an intimate date with yourself.”
Paul TP Wong
“Do not let the roles you play in life make you forget who you are.”
Roy T. Bennett
“No person is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow.”
Alice Walker
“I’d go back to my younger self and, ‘Lighten up. Take it easy. Relax. Don’t be so anxious about everything. Try not to have today stolen from you by anxiety about yesterday or tomorrow.’”
Bill Nighy
“Each of us has an inner compass. This is an instinct that points us toward health. It warns us when we are on dangerous ground, and it tells us when something is safe and good for us.”
Julia Cameron
“I decided that the single most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed.”
Anne Lamott
“We eventually learn that emotional closure is our own action.”
David Deida
“Our intention creates our reality.”
Wayne Dyer
“Tears of despair can be fuel. Thunders of anger can be light.”
Maxime Lagacé
“Making a big life change is scary, but you know what’s even scarier? Regret.”
Zig Ziglar
“And here you are, living despite it all.”
Rupi Kaur
“The more we love the more we lose. The more we lose the more we learn. The more we learn the more we love. It comes full circle. Life is the school; love is the lesson. We cannot lose.”
Kate McGahan
“I can’t say when you’ll get love or how you’ll find it or even promise that you will. I can only say you are worthy of it and that it’s never too much to ask for it and that it’s not crazy to fear you’ll never have it again, even though your fears are probably wrong. Love is our essential nutrient. Without it, life has little meaning. It’s the best thing we have to give and the most valuable thing we receive. It’s worthy of all the hullabaloo.”
Cheryl Strayed
“I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.”
Louise Hay
“There is a huge amount of freedom that comes when you take nothing personally.”
Don Miguel Ruiz
“Don’t force yourself to fit where you don’t belong.”
“Don’t try to understand everything, because sometimes it’s not meant to be understood, but accepted.”