Quotes November 05, 2018

Courtesy of theCHIVE

Every day that you’ve randomly seen an ambulance is a day that someone else will never forget.
Voldemort was 71 when he died and the average life span in the the UK is 80 years, so had Voldemort not searched for eternal life he probably would have actually lived longer.
Someone with 6 fingers on one hand could rake in big bucks asking others to guess the amount of fingers extended behind their back.
There’s probably over billions of hours of concert footage on phones that no ones watched, nor would ever want to.
It is great that the first person they tested penicillin on was not allergic to penicillin.
Notice how the friends that never text you back are the ones always on their phones when you see them.
It’s interesting how the people who keep “getting hacked” on FB are the same people who keep trading all of their info to find out which brunch food they are.
It’s amusing that there’s an entire generation of people that associates bobsledding with a small tropical country in the Caribbean.
Bill Gates is like a video game character that has everything unlocked and all he can do now is personal challenges to pass the time.
Seeing a UPS truck as an adult is the childhood equivalent of seeing an ice cream truck.