Quotes November 07, 2021

The generous mind adds dignity to every act, and nothing misbecomes it.
To learn to swim in the ocean of not-knowing- this is my constant work.
Suleika Jaouad
In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.
Virginia Woolf
Play is the mediator of the invisible and visible.
Dora M. Kalff
In the end, it seems that mastery has less to do with pushing leverage points than it does with strategically, profoundly, madly letting go.
Donella Meadows
Too many of us lack intimacy with the natural world and with our souls, and consequently we are doing untold damage to both.
Bill Plotkin
A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.
Rudolf Steiner
Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.
Carlos Fuentes
May you always walk in beauty.
Native Prayer
The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wakan-Taka (the Great Spirit), and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.
Black Elk