Quotes October 06, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

Never forget –> “Together, we are unstoppable”
Ibrim X Kendi
Your kindness is a bridge over someone else’s fast running troubles. Be kind. You may save a life — possibly your own.
You are love. Don’t ever ever ever ever ever forget it.
These are not normal times. Every one you know is grieving — the loss of someone they love, the end of a relationship, someone they hate, or simply the loss of civility. When you can, go easy, especially on yourself. We will get through this — together.
Emotionally exhausted? So many of us are simply emotionally done — through and through. It’s okay to take a break. Rest. Breathe. Listen to your heart. Be kind to you.
Is everything feeling dark and cold? It’s very possible that you are not seeing the whole picture. Step back. Step waaaay back. You’ll see the dark and the light as well as the cold and the warm. Being kind will help you see more clearly.
Light is fighting to break through your dark. Let the light seep in. Light enters by dribs and dabs. Soon, you will be filled with light.
The future is unwritten. Stop for a moment and read that again. Yes, the doom talkers are talking about doom. Some of it may happen. Some of it won’t. What makes the difference? Us. The future is in our hands.
Slow down for a moment. Breathe deep. Focus in on the beauty in your life. Breathe out. Beauty surrounds you, wherever you are, just waiting for you to find it.
When was the last time you really laughed? Be honest. My guess is that it has been a while. Make an effort to laugh. It will improve your mood and your immune system. Be kind to you.
Once, a very, very long time ago, there was only chaos. Then, suddenly, there was order and everything you know and love was created. This is how this universe works. If you’re looking at chaos, you need to know that something beautiful is about to be created. What this new thing is depends on us.
I know that you are tired. I know that this year has been crazy and chaotic. Listen, all you have to do is SHOW UP. Show up in your life. Show up at work. Show up for your friends. Show up for your loved ones. Just show up. That’s all you need to do.
In this crazy time, may peace be with you — today, tomorrow, and all of the days of your life.
You are a brilliant light. Your light shows in everything you do. Don’t let the dark consume you. Be kind, increase your light.