Quotes September 13, 2021

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us.”
John Dryden
Fall is upon us. It’s a great time to finally let go of that thing,person, place, job, or trauma you’ve been hanging so tightly to. Why are you holding on so tightly to something you’ve grown past? Let go. You don’t need it anymore.
Look deeply into the beauty of the world.


Be kind.

That’s all you have to do.
It seems like a good idea when you started. Now, you’re hanging off a rock in Iran a breath away from falling into the Persian Gulf. Hang on. Gather your strength. You’ve got this.
In the next six months, you’re going to hear things about yourself from other people. It’s just what happens when the structure of the world shifts. Hold an image of yourself inside when you’re happy and safe. It will remind you of who you are — even when their voices are loud.
Everything big and everything small is changing around you.

In the chaos and pressure of this time, you catch the merest glimpse of something…

“Is that really me?” you whisper to your reflection. Ask yourself the kindest thing possible — “What brings me joy?”

Keep asking until the answer comes. Be kind to you.
Whoa! It’s gale force blow hard right now! Don’t let the bombastic blow you off course. Focus on your why — your purpose — and get back on track.
Right now, there’s a quiet, safe place where a clean stream runs, where the trees grow tall, and the air is clear. This place belongs to you and you to it. No matter what you go through, this place will always be here for you.
If you start doing kind acts, you will continue to do kind acts. You’ll find yourself choosing kind people to hang out with, kind things to read and watch and listen too. It’s just how it works.