Safe Space and Real World? August 23, 2016

If you assure the safety of the people, location does not matter. This means people take responsibility (what a concept, eh?) for themselves as a group. One could also discuss the safe space between some folks ears as no thoughts will ever occur.~

How do you define Campus Safety, Safe space?

Mitch Albom: Is ‘safe space’ concept being abused on campus?

Learning life lessons

Now, it’s true, college can be challenging, and students of color or atypical backgrounds can face hurdles that others do not. Schools should do whatever is possible to ensure all students feel supported.

But unless you plan to live on your parents’ couch forever, the idea of spaces so “safe” you hear nothing you don’t like will quickly disappear with the cap and gown. So how does this prepare students for the real world?

Mitch Albom