Semi’s Bad, Good and Almost September 4, 2016


Truck Driver Surprised To Find He Was Dragging A Car Down The Highway



Justin T. Westbrook: Terrifying Video Perfectly Explains The Purpose Of Runaway Truck Ramps


mxer: In CO, we’ve got one that goes nearly straight up! Judging by the video, there isn’t much control when you hit the gravel, making it butt clinching. Of course your truck is already out of control so you might already be in code brown.




DeliciousTurboSoup: Here’s a good one from today on the same exact ramp


drluccia:  If you use it, you also get to pay the cost of restoring it, get a ticket for losing control of your truck, and if your truck is company-owned, you’ll most likely get fired, again for losing control of your truck. If you don’t use it, you and numerous others just might die as your rig hurtles to the inevitable plunge off a cliff.