Shorpy December 17, 2016

Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952), best known on these pages as a prolific chronicler of Southern architecture, was also something of a feminist firebrand in her younger years. The photographer is seen here at age 32 in a triple-threat sendup of the 1890s “New Woman” — smoking, drinking, showing some leg.
Self-Portrait as “New Woman,” 1896. “Frances Benjamin Johnston, seated in front of fireplace, facing left, holding cigarette in one hand and beer stein in the other, in her Washington, D.C., studio.” Gelatin silver print.



“Russel at cabin” is what’s written on the slide mount, one-l Russel and all. Taken at Running Springs, California. One side of a Stereoscopic Kodachrome from a thrift store find. Looks like the mid-1950s.