Shorpy May 05, 2017

Fast-forward one year: The Detroit hard at work.
Ecorse, Michigan, 1904. “Great Lake Engineering Works. Steamer Detroit, Michigan Central Transfer, stern quarter.” Or would that be Tiorted? 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.


San Francisco, 1919. “Grant Six touring car at Alta Plaza Park.” Manifesting a variety of conveyances for young and old, in this latest psalm from the Shorpy Bible of Bygone Buggies. (Footnote: running-board doormat.)


Time flies like B-25’s. Another Kodachrome from the Early Days of Shorpy, enlarged and re-restored.
October 1942. “B-25 bomber assembly hall, North American Aviation, Kansas City.” Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer for the OWI.


Chicago circa 1958. “Crime” is all it says on this News Archive photo — a whodunit whose clues are a boy, a kitchen, a box and some handcuffs.