Shorpy May 11, 2017

New York, 1908. “George Bothner and John Perelli (standing).” Bothner (1867-1954) held the title of world lightweight wresting champion. 5×7 glass negative, Bain News Service.

June 1942. “Inspecting a Cyclone airplane motor at North American Aviation in Long Beach, Calif.” Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer.

“Now I can afford a longer necktie!”
Columbus, Georgia, circa 1949. “Safety Patrol Fund.” A $50 check to Sergeant 97 of the Georgia State Patrol. 4×5 inch acetate negative.

Washington, D.C., 1957. “Postman delivering issues of U.S. News & World Report.” From a series of images showing the production and delivery of that magazine. 35mm negative from the News Photo Archive.