Should her rapist-murderer go free? Tell the parole board

By Suzanne Downing: Should her rapist-murderer go free? Tell the parole board

On Dec. 10, 1972, Jody Stambaugh was strangled and raped in her University of Alaska Fairbanks dorm room, where she had been sleeping. The attacked occurred just before 7 am on a Sunday.

The killer, Allen Walunga, had a history of sexual attacks, and had gained secret entrance into her room, where he watched her sleep for 10-30 minutes before destroying her life and those of the many who loved her.

Jody’s roommate, an Alaskan woman living in Southcentral (who must remain anonymous because she fears the murderer to this day), was also injured, after she entered the tiny dorm room and surprised Walunga, who lunged at her and began choking her.

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The Parole Board also takes comments from the public.

Now is the time for the community to speak. If you agree that Mr. Walunga should remain in prison, write to the parole board today.

The email address is , and make sure to send a copy of your letter to the Office of Victim’s Rights at

Sample wording for your letter to the Parole Board — use your own words:

RE: 1972 Stambaugh rape and murder

Dear Alaska Parole Board;

I urge you to not release a murderer coming up for parole who is a danger to society. Please do not release Allen Walunga.
It only takes a minute, but your voice matters to the safety of our entire community.