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Must Read Alaska Monday Newsletter – Chucklehead Award, Far-Away Mayor, Begich Power Move
Late Sunday night, someone named “Reformed Snowflake” released a second YouTube video montage of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, who still has nothing to report meeting after meeting. This one is entitled “Galaxy Far, Far Away Mayor.”

Miss the first “Nothing to Say Mayor” video? Here is the YouTube link.
Rep. DeLena Johnson fell down a rabbit hole belonging to Rep. Geran Tarr, and by the end of it, Tarr was essentially telling her, “Vote for my resolution, or you support child beating.”

Must Read Alaska’s random committee hearing of the week.

Libertarian-leaning William Weatherby in Bristol Bay’s District 37 has a hate group following him on social media, and nearly all the members of the House Democrat-led majority are in it.

Is this the Democrats’ war on a working class handyman and school bus driver who dared to file for office against Speaker Bryce Edgmon?

Why does the ringleader of the group appear to be Amory Lelake, Edgmon’s top legislative aide? Reflects poorly on the Speaker.
On the March-April Anchorage ballot, voters will be asked to approve the sale of city-owned utility ML&P to Chugach Electric, a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative. This would make all rate-payers in the city a member of that nonprofit.

The questions include: Shall the city charter be changed so that only a 50 percent voter approval is needed for the sale, and shall the city-owned ML&P be sold to Chugach Electric.

The proposal came out of the blue from Mayor Ethan Berkowitz several weeks ago, but observers say in the weeks leading up to the announcement, Mark Begich was seen at City Hall on numerous occasions.

Begich has also been in the back of the room at Assembly meetings lately. His former press secretary Julie Hasquet, works for Chugach Electric.

The ties people are making to the sale are unavoidable: It has Begich thumbprints on it.

What is Begich being paid to ensure that the IBEW-controlled Chugach Electric wins the entire Anchorage power prize?
If a city-owned utility is sold to a nonprofit utility owned by citizens, isn’t that the citizens selling something to itself?
Why not just transfer the assets?
Who gets a kickback on this sale?
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