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Military October 26, 2020

DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Maj. Gen. David D. Porter
Military.com: F-35 Pilots in Alaska Get New Extreme Cold Weather Survival Gear; ‘The Black Swallow of Death’ Was an American Hero of France and the First Black Fighter Pilot; How the American West Came to Liberate Europe in World War II; How Combat Search and Rescue Evolved to ‘Leave No One Behind’ and more ->
Task & Purpose: We salute the USS Indiana for flying this badass battle flag on its way back to port; US airstrike kills five Taliban fighters amid Afghanistan withdrawal; British commandos storm oil tanker and foil hijacking in the English Channel and more ->
DOD: A Seaman to Admiral Story and more ->






Military October 15, 2019

Military.com: World’s First Black Fighter Pilot Honored at Museum of Aviation; US Marine Veteran Who Fought in Iraq Faces Imminent Deportation; Military Appeals Court to Hear Double-Jeopardy Challenge in Child-Porn Case; Marines and Sailors Could Soon Get College Credit for Military Education and more ->
Task & Purpose: ABC News thought this Kentucky gun range video was from Turkey’s invasion of Syria; We salute the Florida man who drove his 1948 John Deere tractor across the country to support veterans; Marine recruit discharged and then immediately arrested on child molestation warrants, officials say; Retired Sergeant Major outs himself as admin for US Army WTF! Moments; The greatest movie about Green Berets in Vietnam is coming to Disney’s new streaming service; Exclusive: Soldiers are smoking a whole lot more weed in states where it’s legalized and more->
DOD: Military Exchanges Extinguish Vape Sales and more ->