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907 Updates December 27, 2017

By Beth Verge: DOC making improvements to stop smuggling of drugs into facilities
By Sidney Sullivan: Richardson Highway shut down for suspected unexploded mortar round
By Emily Carlson: AK is 47/50 in pension funding obligation
I do hope the man who discharged the firearm had it legally. Be interesting to know the rest of the story. Seriously, how does one break-up a dog fight? Isn’t a lot of it dependent on the size of the dogs, the number of dogs and breed(s)?
By KTVA Web Staff: Shot fired to break up dogfight in Juneau
Unique Nativities
The 2018 AMATS Committee Meeting Calendar is available online (https://goo.gl/CV8s2D). Happy holidays and best wishes in the new year!
Sitka Nature: Sitka Nature Show #145 – Zach LaPerriere
The November 26th show featured a conversation with Sitka-based woodworker Zach LaPerriere. We talked about spalted wood and an upcoming talk by Dr. Sara Robinson, as well as his process for creating bowls, and what he learns about the wood he uses and the history of the trees that provided the wood. Zach has a website where you can see many of the bowls he has created.
Sitka Nature: Dusky Thrush
Sitka Nature: Sitka Nature Show #146 – Seri Robinson
The December 10th show featured a conversation with Dr. Seri Robinson, expert on spalted wood. She was in town to give a talk as part of the natural history seminar series. You can learn more about spalted wood at her Northern Spalting website.
Sitka Nature: Sitka Nature Show #147 – Jen Cedarleaf and Victoria Vosburg
49 Writers, Inc.: Deb Vanasse | Writer, Interrupted
49 Writers, Inc: Guest Blogger Meagan Macvie | Publishing (and Learning) with Ooligan Press
49 Writers, Inc.: Guest Blogger Meagan Macvie | A Certain Necessary Faith