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A Redleg’s Rides: Sun City Sundial, an old WWII Airfield near Surprise, AZ and Sunset Self Portraits

Friday, while my FIL was doing a very light workout at the Sundial Rec Center in Sun City, I wandered about outside to take pictures of the center’s name sake.

Saturday mid-morning through 1:30PM, explored the area near the regional landfill which had looked promising in terms of trails and off road opportunities. I encountered more fenced off areas than I hoped for so exploration was limited.

Still I did manage to explore what used to be the Wittman Army Air Corps Auxiliary Field back in WWII and is now the Luke AFB Auxiliary Airfield. Per the following link, it’s only used now for practicing approaches by light aircraft without actually landing as the surface conditions are pretty rough. LINK

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A Red Leg’s Rides: RV Trip: SW of Tucson, AZ

Drove the URRV with Scarlett in tow from north of Truth or Consequences, NM to a small BLM (Bureau of Land Management) site located near the Tucson Mountain Park in the SW of the city of Tucson, AZ.

Long drive (six hours) but it was worth it in that it was 77°F (25°C) when I there and it is a balmy 58°F (14.4°C) at 8:30 PM as I type this posting. Lovely. I can see why folks snowbird down here.

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A Redleg’s Rides: Just Sunsets … and less Facebook

So here we are, a couple of weeks into 2018.

Not much riding here for me, just working and sunset watching mostly. The weather has been really warm here in Colorado while most of the east coast froze their collective “fourth point of contact” off.

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