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Military March 30, 2019

By Bill Wagner: Joe Bellino, Navy’s First Heisman Trophy Winner, Dies at 81
Joseph Michael Bellino (March 13, 1938 – March 28, 2019) was an American football halfback who won the Heisman Trophy in 1960 playing for the United States Naval Academy and later played in the American Football League (AFL) for the Boston Patriots.[1] He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1977.

Task & Purpose: Trump: Navy SEAL accused of war crimes being moved to ‘less restrictive confinement’
By Amy Bushatz: Petty Officer Awarded First Coast Guard Medal Since 2016 for Heroism in Vegas Shooting

A petty officer currently stationed at Dutch Harbor, Alaska, is the first Coast Guardsman since 2016 to be awarded the prestigious Coast Guard Medal for heroism.
By Lolita C. Baldor: Parris Island Officials Unsure if USMC Will Fully Integrate Boot Camp
By Patricia Kime: American Legion to Congress: Don’t Replace POW/MIA flags with Transgender Banners
The National Center for Transgender Equality sent flags to all members of Congress to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31. According to media reports, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, and Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, swapped out their POW/MIA flags for the banners.
By Patricia Kime: Vets in Congress Introduce Bill to Protect Gold Star Spouse Benefits
By Sarah Elms And Lauren Lindstrom, The Toledo Blade: Veteran sues University of Toledo for allegedly disclosing PTSD and portraying him as a safety threat
By Haley Britzky: For the first time in history, a state National Guard command team is all women
By Jim Garamone Defense.gov: Thomas Passes Special Operations Command Reins to Clarke
By David Vergun: Nation Recognizes Vietnam Veterans in Annual Observance
By David Vergun: Rosie the Riveter Inspired Women to Serve in World War II

By Jeff Schogol: Dakota Meyer explains why he hates his Medal of Honor


Military February 18, 2019

By Katie Lange: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Lt. Col. Teddy Roosevelt

Roosevelt’s son Theodore Roosevelt Jr. also received the Medal of Honor, one of only two father-son pairs to do so (the other is Arthur MacArthur Jr. and Douglas MacArthur). He served in World War I and WWII and gained a reputation for leading from the front.

At 56, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was the oldest man and only general to storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day with the first wave of American troops. He earned his medal at Utah Beach for ”gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life, above and beyond the call of duty” while leading successive waves of troops inland to their objectives.
By Katie Lange: 9 Notable Presidents Who Served
By Jim Garamone: Shanahan Discusses Results of Trip to Afghanistan, Iraq, Poland, Belgium, Germany
By Susan Christian Goulding, The Orange County Register: A World War II veteran picked up a $1,500 tab for military families at his local Chick-fil-A
Task & Purpose: The Navy just bought a fleet of robot submarines to prowl the oceans and mess with adversaries; After Valentine’s Day, it’s clear the Pentagon is in love with great power competition; Army secretary vows to correct ‘unconscionable’ health hazards in military housing system and more->
By Richard Sisk: IAVA Presses on with Ambitious Agenda after Founder Rieckhoff Departs

Rieckhoff called Butler “uniquely qualified to lead IAVA into [the] next chapter and fight on behalf of all veterans.”

In Rieckhoff’s absence, IAVA is pressing a “Big Six” agenda to curb suicides, defend GI Bill benefits, improve services for female veterans, reform government support of veterans care, push for burn pits legislation, and support medical marijuana.

“Passing the ‘Big Six’ will be a huge priority for 2019,” Butler said. “We want to present a blueprint for how Americans can empower veterans.”

Butler said he is well aware of the political reality that any progress on the agenda must come this year, before all of the legislative oxygen is drained by the 2020 presidential election season.

The general rule is that “if anything is going to get done, it will get done” in the first year of the new Congress. The second year will be consumed by presidential politics, he said.
The Angry Staff Officer: 5 Time-Saving Tips for National Guard Company Commanders

Military February 15, 2019

By Jessica Heslam: A D-Day veteran faced an unattended burial. 500 strangers showed up to honor his service
By Rachael Riley: Condition of One Injured Army Golden Knights Member Upgraded
By Gina Harkins: Man Shot and Killed at Naval Air Station After Busting Through Gate
By Jim Garamone: Acting Secretary Pleased With Progress of Coalition to Defeat ISIS
By Gina Harkins: A Navy Ship Sailed to Hawaii and Back With No One on Board
One bullet.
By Douglass Dowty, Syracuse Media Group: Former Air Force colonel must pay $150,000 for raping girl 30 times, judge rules
Andrew Green, now 52, of Jamesville, spent four months in jail on a statutory rape after pleading guilty. He became a registered (though not public) sex offender. He retired from the military after being arrested on rape charges.

State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Karalunas Wednesday ruled that Green must pay the victim $125,000 for past and future damages, as well as $25,000 to punish him for taking advantage of the underage victim.



Military February 14, 2019

By Rachael Riley: Conditions of Injured Army Golden Knight Team Members Remain Unchanged
By Gina Harkins: A Marine Raider Was Awarded the Silver Star for Taking Out an ISIS Car Bomb
The staff sergeant was able to take down some of the terrorists with his sniper rifle, but the vehicle was still headed toward them. Still facing enemy fire, he climbed onto the top of a nearby vehicle to retrieve a Javelin portable anti-tank missile.

He fired, but the missile failed to launch. Still under fire, he got his hands on a second Javelin and launched another missile that took out the vehicle.

“His decisive actions under fire [repelled] the enemy and saved the lives of friendly forces,” the award citation states.
By Oriana Pawlyk: Deployed Lawmaker Fights Air National Guard’s Effort to Shrink Spy Plane Flee
Shanahan Attends NATO Meetings After Visiting Iraq, Afghanistan
Task & Purpose: The Army’s plans for a ‘super’ Bradley fighting vehicle are dead; Navy’s top SEAL says he’s reviewing training and ethics amid murder and drug allegations in special ops; Well, this new Army PSA on household safety took a dark turn; Lawmakers direct Trump to curb US military support for Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen and more ->
By Matthew Cox: Army to Buy $39.6 Million Worth of Pocket-Sized Drones

Military January 01, 2019

By Phillip Walter Wellman: Afghanistan: Remembering the Fallen of 2018
Military.com: In Memoriam: Famous Veterans Who Passed in 2018
Statement From Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan
By Richard Sisk: New Acting SecDef Shanahan Pledges to Carry Out Trump’s Policy Agenda
By Richard Sisk: Dana White Out as Pentagon’s Chief Spokeswoman
By Matthew Cox: New Army Tech Connects Commanders with Deployed Units
Did anyone watch this?
By James Barber: Army Vet Pete Hegseth Hosts New Year’s Eve Coverage on Fox News
By Paul Szoldra: From Air Force Medal Of Honor To ‘Mullet Marine’ — The Most Popular Posts Of 2018
By Jared Keller: The Best Melee Weapons In US Military History, Ranked
By Nikki Wentling: Massachusetts Judge Sides with ‘Bad Paper’ Veterans Denied Bonuses