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Military November 08, 2019

Military.com: In-Flight Selfies, Other Reckless Behavior by Marine Aviators Outrage Japanese Officials; Force-Wide Review Could Result in a ‘Radically Different’ Marine Corps; Marine Corps Revising Online Training After ‘Nonsense’ Scenario Draws Ridicule; ‘Dive Bomber’ Anchors a Stellar Veterans Day Schedule on Turner Classic Movies and more ->
Task & Purpose: Video shows mass arrest of 16 Marines at Camp Pendleton on human smuggling charges; Medal of Honor recipient: Violators of troops’ privacy rights deserve harsh penalties; This Veterans Day video sends the message we all need right now and more ->
DOD: National Guard Disrupts Cyberattacks Across U.S.; 5 Things to Know About the U.S.-Ukraine Defense Relationship; Syrian Democratic Forces Reap Benefit From Oil Money and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: On Service: A Veterans Day Introspective




Military April 19, 2019

By Corey Dickstein: West Virginia National Guardsman Killed in Parachute Accident Identified
“This is a guy who didn’t have to be doing what he was doing yesterday,” Hoyer said. “He had served his time, served his country well, served in multiple combat zones. It’s a testament to the kind of person he was.”
By Steve Ranson: Remains of 15 Unclaimed Veterans Get Military Funeral
By Jeff Schogol: First came the explosion. Then, the cover-up.
Media Availability by Acting Secretary Shanahan Prior to an Honor Cordon Welcoming Albania’s Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka to the Pentagon
Department of Defense Off-Camera Press Briefing by Acting Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Charles E. Summers Jr.
The Angry Staff Officer: Thursday Thoughts: Warfare in 5G
By Drew Brooks, The Fayetteville Observer and Other: Generals Again Warn That America’s Youth Are Getting Too Fat Or Dumb To Join The Military
By Richard Sisk: Racism Kept Some WWI Troops from Receiving Medal of Honor, Lawmakers Say
By Hope Hodge Seck: Marine Aviation Training Unit Commander Fired


 Angry Staff Officer: A Murky Heritage: the U.S. Army, the Civil War, and Memory

A Murky Heritage: the U.S. Army, the Civil War, and Memory

“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar.”
– Julius Caesar

Memory is an odd thing. It affects not only people, but whole societies and cultures. Take the memory of the U.S. Civil War, for example. It’s not an easy memory by any stretch of the imagination. But it is a necessary memory. Necessary because it reminds as that there was once a time when we became so divided that we slaughtered each other. That alone should give us pause in our hubris. It should stand always as a memorial that we can be better as a people. But there are some that wish to take the memory of the Confederacy and glorify it; to make it part and parcel of our American experience. They become proto-Antonys who wish to praise Caesar, as it were, rather than simply burying him.

Recognize this flag?


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