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Military February 20, 2020

Military.com: The 16 Greatest Quotes From ‘Full Metal Jacket’; The Army’s Unconventional Big-City Recruiting Strategy Is Paying Off, Officials Say; 6 More Service Decorations Congress Should Create or Bring Back; Secret Drone Crash, B-1 Engine Malfunction Among Major 2019 Air Force Mishaps and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘Hit with a truck’ — How Iran’s missiles inflicted traumatic brain injuries on US troops; Taliban: No peace agreement if US troops stay in Afghanistan; Alaska airman punished for peeing in office coffee maker; Video shows US military vehicle running a Russian military truck off the road in Syria; We salute the Army crew that named their tank ‘Baby Yoda’ and more ->
DOD: Battles Like Iwo Jima Must Never Happen Again, Milley Says and more ->

Military December 12, 2019

Military.com: ‘Millions’ Stolen in Decade-Long Buying Fraud at Florida VA Hospitals, Officials Say; Navy Patrol Aircraft Joins Search for Missing Chilean Military Plane with 38 Aboard; Trump’s Pardons Won’t Lead to Troops ‘Raping, Burning and Pillaging,’ Milley Says; Army 3-Star General Loses Rank After War College Plagiarism Revealed; Finally, a Story About Military Husbands and more ->
Task & Purpose: Soldier charged in deadly West Point vehicle rollover will face court-martial; Dramatic video shows Coast Guard helicopter rescuing fishermen in North Carolina; US troops will not burn and pillage like Genghis Khan’s hordes as a result of Trump intervening in war crimes cases, Milley says; An Army colonel’s alleged abuse saddled his wife with ongoing medical needs. Escaping him could bring that care to a screeching halt. Mark Wahlberg and his family’s fast-casual chain Wahlburgers may be coming to a base near you; More ->
DOD: U.S. Will Withdraw From Syria When Local Forces Can Keep ISIS in Check; Milley Details DOD Operations Throughout the Middle East and more ->


Military November 28, 2019

Military.com: Navy Cancels Trident Review Boards for 3 SEAL Officers Tied to Gallagher Case; VA Offers Tips on Coping with PTSD During Holiday Season; Navy Vet Working as Customs Officer Loses Job over His Mexican Birth Certificate and more ->
Task & Purpose: Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to US troops in Afghanistan; Two A-10 pilots receive the Distinguished Flying Cross for rescuing troops under heavy fire in Afghanistan; The ‘Fox & Friends’ host who persuaded Trump to pardon troops accused of war crimes levels a warning at Pentagon leaders and more ->
DOD: Feeding the Force; U.S. Forces Reset in Syria, ISIS Struggles to Re-form; Milley Says Middle Eastern Nations Want U.S. Involved in Region and more ->




Military November 13, 2019

Military.com: WWII Marine’s Remains to Return Home 76 Years After Death; Lawmakers Call for Stronger Boating Safety Measures as Coast Guard Rejects Recommendations; Meet the Retired Generals Working to End Childhood Obesity for a Fitter Force; Plans for Pentagon’s Future Flying Bomb Truck Begin to Take Shape and more ->
The War Horse: The Death of Invincibility; From One Battle to Another and more ->
Task & Purpose: The Navy wants to get more deployments out of its EOD techs; The Coast Guard is naming 2 new cutters after reservists who died helping others during 9/11; Military families are suing their private housing provider over ‘rampant mold infestation’ at Fort Meade; You can now buy your very own abandoned nuclear missile complex for just $400,000 and more->
DOD: Milley Describes Indo-Pacific Region as U.S. Military’s ‘Main Effort’; Esper Indo-Pacific Trip Highlights U.S. Emphasis on Alliances; Secretary Discusses F-35s, Budget, Reform on New York Trip and more ->
Unfortunately no sound…
In anticipation of World War II, Thompson Prods., with government funding, built the TAPCO plant in EUCLID in 1941 to increase its production of aircraft engine components. During the period leading up to World War II, through the end of the Korean war, Thompson Products was a key manufacturer of component parts for aircraft engines, including aircraft valves. The TAPCO plant, owned by the US government but operated by Thompson Products, extended for almost a mile along Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue. It employed over 16,000 workers at the peak of WW II production.

Military November 11, 2019

By Katie Lange, DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pfc. Floyd Lindstrom
Floyd K. Lindstrom (June 21, 1912 – February 3, 1944) was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in World War II.


Military.com: Families of Fallen Troops Often Face Their Hardest Battle Alone; Disappearing Phantom: Iconic Jet Nears End of Service; Let Us Strive to Honor Our Veterans Year-Round and more ->
Task & Purpose: 2 veterans serving in Congress want the Global War on Terrorism memorial built on the National Mall; Democratic contender and Navy vet Pete Buttigieg pledges to create better, more ‘veteran-centric’ VA and more ->
DOD: Chairman Travels to Indo-Pacific With American Strategic Thinking and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: What is Our Service?
Instead of our ritualistic greeting and response, wouldn’t it be better if we could sit down and discuss these things? Wouldn’t it be better if we both understood our services just a little bit better? And then maybe we could get around to figuring out what it is that we each are thankful for about each other. It’s better to bridge the divides; it builds a stronger nation.