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Military August 03, 2021

DoD: Sports Heroes Who Served: Rodeo Star Served in WWI, Became a Movie Star and more ->
Military.com: Navy’s Top Admiral Said SEALs Had ‘Character and Ethics’ Issues; What Do You Really Think? DoD Wants All Active-Duty Spouses to Answer a Survey and more ->
Task & Purpose: Army to court-martial soldier charged over mysterious firefight in Syria ‘Now we begin down the long road to real justice and the crucible of trial.’; Pentagon lifts lockdown after ‘shooting event’ on bus platform [Updated] Breaking news.; Man who shot at National Guard soldiers during Minnesota protests gets eight years in prison The man fired “multiple shots” at the Guardsmen on April 18.; The ‘Forever Wars’ aren’t really ending under President Biden Forever war keeps on simmering, and it could all too easily boil again. And more ->

“NCIS is essentially people who couldn’t make it in the CIA or FBI and aren’t tough enough to be street cops.”
Jack Carr USA