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Quotes May 25, 2024

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.
“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”
John Wooden – 1910-2010 – American Basketball Coach
I didn’t know anything, so I asked a lot of questions.
Bruce Nordstrom,
businessperson, retail executive
“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”
In your life there are a few places, or maybe only the one place, where something happened, and then there are all the other places.
Alice Munro
“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.”
Charles Eames
Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.
Bob Dylan
Optimism is a perfectly legitimate response to failure.
Stephen King
“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
C.S. Lewis
“I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results.”
Florence Nightingale
“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.


Quotes May 22-23, 2024

Do the right thing by whoever crosses your path. Those coincidental people are your people.
Maxine Hong Kingston,
May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
We evolved, moved around and had success. Success gave us the confidence to push on.
Bruce Nordstrom,
businessperson, retail executive
“We live in a perpetually burning building, and what we must save from it, all the time, is love.”
Tennessee Williams
“To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.”
Sugar Ray Robinson
Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
Denis Waitley – Author and Speaker
“The air is the only place free from prejudice.”
Bessie Coleman
“Follow your heart, your instincts. People might try to dissuade you from your passion, but no one can live your life but you.”
Olympia Dukakis


Quotes May 09, 2024

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.
Desiderius Erasmus – 1466-1536 – Theologian
Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.
Heidi Reeder – Author
Colors are brighter when the mind is open.
Adriana Alarcon – Author
All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo – 1802-1885 – Poet-Novelist-Dramatist
“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
Abraham Lincoln
“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Jung
“It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it.”
“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.”
John F. Kennedy
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Søren Kierkegaard


Quotes May 02, 2024

Before it’s too late, without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. You will not regret it.
Jhumpa Lahiri,
May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music?
Louis Armstrong
Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.
Baltasar – 1601-1658 – Writer-Philosopher
If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Fred DeVito – Author-Fitness Expert
The power of imagination makes us infinite.
John Muir – 1838-1914 – Author
“Old age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as spectator.”
“A great source of calamity lies in regret and anticipation; therefore a person is wise who thinks of the present alone, regardless of the past or future.”
Oliver Goldsmith
“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.”
J.B. Priestley
I hope you like your work, I hope there’s mystery and poetry in your life, not even poems, but patterns. I hope you can see them.
Eileen Myles,
poet, writer

Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.


Quotes March 26, 2024

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.
Brene Brown – Professor-Lecturer-Author
“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”
William Shakespeare
“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“The wiser you get, the more experience you have, and the more you see people for who they are as human beings, as opposed to figures you have to fight against.”
Vanessa Williams
“Never repeat a rumor before you have verified it. And if it is true, hold your tongue all the more.”
Selma Lagerlöf
“We didn’t know how to run a business, but we had dreams and talent.”
Barbie inventor and businesswoman Ruth Handler
“Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know how to dream.”
Liza Minnelli
“It is the lone worker who makes the first advance in a subject…the prime idea is due to the enterprise, thought, and perception of an individual.”
Sir Alexander Fleming
“Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation.”
Susan B. Anthony
“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
“If you’re having fun, that’s when the best memories are built.”
Simone Biles

Quotes March 23-24, 2024

If you believe in what you’re saying, if you believe in what you’re doing, you’ll be more effective, more passionate, and more authentic in everything you do.
Seth Goldman – Businessman
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
Warren Bennis – 1925-2014 – Consultant-Author
There are many paths but only one journey.
Naomi Judd – 1946-2022 – Singer-Actress
“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
Henry Ford
“What to do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it.”
Dean Smith
“What is the thing that Hollywood demands most? Sincerity. No place in the world will pay such a high price for this admirable trait.”
Hattie McDaniel
“The understanding of art depends finally upon one’s willingness to extend one’s humanity and one’s knowledge of human life.”
Ralph Ellison
“Everything is habit-forming, so make sure what you do is what you want to be doing.”
Wilt Chamberlain
“You take people as far as they will go, not as far as you would like them to go..”
Jeannette Rankin
“If you can’t do it with feeling—don’t.”
Patsy Cline
“When you’re righteous, you don’t have to tell people that you’re righteous.”
Shaquille O’Neal
“The very meaninglessness of life forces man to create his own meaning.”
Stanley Kubrick

Quotes February 18, 2024

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.
Stephen McCranie – Author
“The soul that is within me no man can degrade.”
Frederick Douglass
“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”
Michael Jordan
“The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose.”
John McEnroe
“People don’t slip. Time catches up with them.”
Nat King Cole
“At the moment of truth, there are either reasons or results.”
Chuck Yeager
“The best books come from someplace inside. You don’t write because you want to, but because you have to.”
Judy Blume
“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”
Scout Finch, protagonist in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”
Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.


Quotes January 16-18, 2024

“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”
Isaac Asimov
Big things are best said, are almost always said, in small words.
Peggy Noonan,
columnist, Pulitzer Prize for Commentary recipient
Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the great.
Steve Prefontaine – 1951-1975 – American Long-Distance Runner
Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.
David Bly – Politician-Retired Teacher
“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”
Marcus Aurelius
The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.
John Maxwell – Coach-Author
“Where there is unity there is always victory.”
Publilius Syrus
Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.
Auguste Rodin – 1840-1917 – Sculptor
It is not just about how many games we won and lost, but it’s about the legacy and how we went about it. We always tried to do it the right way.
Nick Saban,
American football coach
If you write great songs with meaning and emotion, they will last for ever because songs are the key to everything.
Elton John,
singer, songwriter, pianist


People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight.


Quotes December 17-21, 2923

I have written scores of thousands of words on hundreds of subjects, about a good many of which I know somewhat less than all. But that’s journalism.
Edwin Yoder,
journalist, columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner
I’d rather not work than do a part I’m ashamed of.
Andre Braugher,
Opinions cannot survive if one has no chance to fight for them.
Thomas Mann,
writer, critic, essayist, Nobel Prize in Literature laureate
You can do it all. There are times when you have to not do it all at once.
You will have the opportunity to say ‘Yes’ to many different things, but you also will have the opportunity in the saying of ‘Yes’ to say ‘No’ sometimes.
Cokie Roberts,
broadcast journalist, writer
“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.”
Vesta M. Kelly
“Winter is the time when nature takes a well-deserved nap, and we can find beauty in the stillness of the world.”


Quotes November 12-16, 2023

The view of the Earth from the Moon fascinated me — a small disk, 240,000 miles away. It was hard to think that that little thing held so many problems, so many frustrations.
I think the one overwhelming emotion that we had was when we saw the Earth rising in the distance over the lunar landscape — it makes us realize that we all do exist on one small globe.
Frank Borman,
astronaut, aeronautical engineer, businessperson
Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.
Cassandra Clare – Writer
If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.
Erica Jong – Novelist-Satirist
Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.
Cyril Connolly,
writer, literary critic
Everything must be taken into account. If the fact will not fit the theory — let the theory go.
Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.
Agatha Christie,
Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.
Nikki Giovanni – Poet-Writer
The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
Henry David Thoreau – 1817-1862 – Essayist
How to get it right? It’s always a bit of a gamble.
As I’ve been inching along, I’ve felt more and more free.
Annette Bening,
Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.
Oprah Winfrey – Actress – Talk Show Host – Producer – Philanthropist
Joy is gratefulness unbound.
Joe Primo – Author
As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest apreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy – 1917-1963 – Politician-35th President of the United States
Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything. There is always something to be grateful for.