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Military October 30, 2018

By Phil Ferolito: Evan Mettie, Who Was Severely Injured in 2006 in Iraq, Laid to Rest
Homeland Security and Defense Department Officials Joint Press Conference on the Defense Department Deployment to the Southwest Border Kevin McAleenan, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner; Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command
By Oriana Pawlyk: IG: Air Force General Harassed Subordinate, Failed to Report Suicide Attempts
By Lyndsay Winkley: Suspect Arrested in Death of Navy Sailor Who Stopped to Help Motorist
By Oriana Pawlyk: Pave Hawk Hit Steel Cable in Iraq, Causing Fatal Crash: Air Force
By Denise Lavoie: Gangster Whitey Bulger, Air Force Vet, Found Dead in Prison at 89
Early into his life of crime, Bulger served an enlistment term in the U.S. Air Force. He enlisted in the service in 1948 and quickly fell afoul of authorities, doing time in military prison for assaults. At one point he was charged with rape, according to multiple sources; on another occasion, he was arrested for going absent without leave. Despite all this, he was honorably discharged in 1952.
By Derek Davey: My Son Was Killed In Iraq. I Found Closure With The Marines Who Were With Him When He Died

Derek M. Davey, Captain, USMC 1977-1985. Naval Flight Officer, EA-6B Prowlers. Two UDP pumps: USS Nimitz, Med Cruise and West Pac. Thirty years as an Accredited Service Officer in NY State and National Appeals Representative in Washington, DC. Fully retired now, enjoying life in the woods, on a lake, with my best buddy Shadow the Dog in the Adirondacks.
The Associated Press: Sikorsky to Commemorate Black Hawk Helicopters’ Anniversary
Amphibiosity — the ability to operate on land and at sea — may not be a real word, but it’s a very real concept to the militaries that make up NATO
By Paul Szoldra: The 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit Changed Its Logo To A Water Dragon Eating A Skull
By James Clark: Here Are The Military Movies And Shows Coming To Netflix In November
The Angry Staff Officer: Wait, Whose Intent? The Role of Commander’s Intent in Army Order Writing



Military September 28, 2018

By Brad Howard: The Marine Corps’ F-35 Combat Debut Was Flown In Honor Of A Fallen Hero
Press Operations Release No: NR-276-18: Navy to Commission Submarine Indiana
By Air Force Airman 1st Class Tara Stetler 375th Air Mobility Wing: Face of Defense: Airman Describes Her Journey From Pro Basketball to Service
By Tom Ricks: Mattis Chats With An Iraqi Who Wanted To Kill Him — And Who Also Wants A Visa
He said, “General, do you think if I’m a model prisoner” — you know what’s coming, don’t you? — “could I someday immigrate to America?”

Think about that. Think about that, that the hatred he felt was so much that he would go out and try to put a bomb in the road to kill us, but the example of America was so strong that if he could be sitting where you are today or have his son and daughter in that audience, he’d have given his eyes or teeth. It wasn’t just because we’d caught him right then. This was deeper.

And I was reminded, America’s got two fundamental powers. There’s the power of intimidation and the military — the U.S. military exists to warn people, “You take on America, and free men and women are going to fight like the dickens.” Power of intimidation.

But there’s also the power of inspiration. And the power of inspiration could reach halfway around the world to the Euphrates River Valley and affect someone, no matter how blinded they were at that moment by a hatred.
By Oriana Pawlyk: Air Force General Denied Promotion, Forced to Retire After Misconduct Probe
Tibbets is grandson of then-Col. Paul Tibbets Jr., who during World War II dropped the uranium bomb known as “Little Boy” over Hiroshima, Japan.
By James Clark: That Moment A Guardsman Realized: ‘If My Unit Sees That, I’m Dead’
By Cody Sheppard: Teens Allegedly Caused $50,000 in Damage to Home for Disabled Veteran
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