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Quotes November 13, 2018

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

This week, let’s love more, judge less. Kindness is love in action. Be kind to everyone you know.
Choppy sea ahead? Kindness will help you negotiate the angry seas ahead. Smile. Laugh. Be kind. It is your nature.
Terrified about how our where our world is going? What can you do? You can love more You can listen to those you love more. You can be kind to everyone you know. Change the world — be kind.
Don’t take it in. Breathe in. Breath out. Be kind.

Let your love shine through.

Be kind to all you meet today.
In the end, you will only care about the times that you were kind. So why not be kind now while you have a chance?
“It’s too much! What can I do? I can’t fix it.” Be kind to yourself and all that you know — that’s what fixes it.
Everyday, journalists work hard to get the facts and write the news. In some countries, journalists fear for their lives if they write the truth. I am grateful to live in a country where the factual news is available to me. What are you grateful for?
For most of history, water was not always clean. Water could be deadly. I am grateful for clean water and all of those who work to keep it so. #EverydayKindness
Just a 30 years ago, the US had terrible air quality. I am grateful for clean air to breathe and all those who work to make it so. What are you grateful for?
I am grateful for another day on this gorgeous planet. What are you grateful for?
I am grateful for the toilet, running water, and the kindness of anyone keeps them flushing & clean. What are you grateful for?
I’ve been writing and posting these everyday kindness posts for the nearly two years. Most weeks, I have no idea what I’m going to say. The truth is that all I really want to say is “Be kind.” Let’s be kind. #EverydayKindness #WorldKindnessDay
This week, let’s focus on the kindness skill of gratitude. The more you are grateful the better you feel. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for this chance to share thoughts about kindness with you.
This week, I ask you: “What can you do, where you stand, to make your world more kind?”

Quotes October 27, 2018

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

What do you hope for? What if you shifted your focus from your fears and hurts to focus on your hopes and dreams? “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”
Robert H. Schuller
“Kindness is like coffee. It awakens your spirit and improves your day. Fill your cup with both.”
Nanae Hoffman @naneamarie
You are not called to fix the rain or stop the storm. You are called to love, to be kind. After you’ve done what you can, it’s all right to simply watch their storm blow by. Kindness is the storm that will heal the world. Be kind.
In the end, all of this drama and pain will fade away. Love will remain. Why not focus on love now? Kindness is love in action.
Take a moment. How do you feel? Is this feeling real? Is it true? Is it kind? What do you need right now?
We ask ourselves our three questions: “Is it true? Is it real? Is it kind?” And then what? What do we do next? Be kind. That’s all you have to do.
Sometimes we need to stop and notice the sheer number of apples that fell to the ground while we were focused on the crazy. Time to refocus. Pick up the apples Make pie. Be kind.
What brightens your every day? Pumpkin spice? Sunflowers? Laughing with friends? 5 minutes in the sun? Beautiful images? This week, let’s focus on what brings us light. Kindness is the light.
We never know what the next moment will bring us. Be kind. The end of the day comes sooner than you think.
Is it dark out? Is it bright? Depends on where you focus. Kindness is the light.
Kindness is the light. It’s a simple equation — feel dark? Be kind. Your light will return. See someone who’s down? Be kind. Their light will return. Kindness is the light.
There is a road up ahead. Keep going. We will bridge this time to see the renewal of all things. Be kind to all so you can enjoy it with your friends when you get there.
The mist covers even that which once was familiar? What should you do? Be kind. The mist will clear, sooner than you think.
Did you know that many of the best varieties of apple are lost to time? I bet you have 1 or 2 sweet and tasty attributes that you’ve forgotten in the last year or two. Now is a great time to start acting like yourself again. Be kind.
You are made of the same stuff as a distant star. When you are kind, you share your light with others. Be kind.
Not everything has to be hard fought. Set kindness out in front of you today. You’ll have a beautiful day.
Hype-focusing on the hysteria is a kind of drunkenness. How do you shake it off?? Be kind — to yourself first, to your friends and family, to animals, to your neighbors, your town, and your country. (How to be kind to your country? Vote, of course.)

Quotes October 13, 2018

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

No matter what hay needs grazing today — be kind. You’ll make more hay. 😉
Your life energy is like a pot of boiling water. Spend it boiling over? There’s no more energy for joy, laughter, and love. Your choice.
Your kindness lights up a dark and stormy night.
Be kind to everyone you meet today. You have no idea how they are suffering.
Green hills, warm sun, and a blue gorgeous sky lies just beyond the storm clouds you see. Focus on the clouds and you’ll miss the gorgeous green.
What if every time you thought: “Oh crap. What’s happened now?” you closed your laptop, went outside and took 30 breaths? (Why 30 breaths? Check out Wim Hof’s method )

Quotes courtesy of Lori Deschene/Tiny Buddha

“Striving for excellence motivates you, striving for perfection is demoralizing.”
Harriet Braiker
“Try not to confuse attachment with love. Attachment is about fear and dependency and has more to do with love of self than love of another.”
Yasmin Mogahed
“The fact that you’re struggling doesn’t make you a burden. It doesn’t make unlovable, undesirable, or undeserving of care. It doesn’t make you too much or too sensitive or too needy. It makes you human. “
Daniell Koepke
“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”
Joyce Meyer
“When it is obvious the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”
“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”
Iain Thomas
“You just have to determine to settle for nothing less than being fully alive, to show up, be who you are, and share your gifts.”
Gabrielle Roth
“Out of perfection nothing can be made. Every process involves breaking something up. The earth must be broken to bring forth life. If the seed does not die there is no plant. Bread results from the death of wheat. Life lives on lives. Our own life lives on the act of other people. If you are lifeworthy, you can take it.”
Joseph Campbell
“Grief, no matter where it comes from, can only be resolved by connecting to other people.”
Thomas Horn
“This time, we are holding onto the tension of not knowing, not willing to press the panic button. We are unlearning thousands of years of conditioning.”
Sukhvinder Sircar
“Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free.”
“She was strong and weak and brave and broken… all at the same time.”

Quotes October 08, 2018

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

What happens when you intentionally do kind acts for 7 days? Research says that you’ll feel better. Your self esteem will improve. Your social emotions will improve. Why not start today?
Research study: 7 Days of Intentional Kindness
You’re right — they don’t deserve your forgiveness. But you do. What can you forgive yourself for today? “Repeat to yourself: For the ways I have hurt myself through action or inaction, out of fear, pain and confusion, I now extend a full and heartfelt forgiveness. I forgive myself, I forgive myself.”
“The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.”
Theodore Roosevelt
You are one of a kind! Perfectly imperfect worthy of love – particularly your own. This week, let’s focus on self care. The world is a little crazy now. Self Kindness is a must.
Did you really say that? “I’m sorry” works. Now, be kind.
Well, that didn’t work. You’re tried everything. Maybe it’s time to try kindness.
It’s okay to give up for a day or a week. Recharge your mind and heart in the beauty of the world. Everything else can wait.
Have you ever noticed that little gap in between an in breath and an exhale? That is where peace lives with you. You carry peace around with you everywhere you go. No matter what happens today, peace is with you.
Life is exhausting right now. Keep the madness at bay by getting extra rest. Go to bed an hour early. Take a short nap. Rest on your lunch break. Don’t let exhaustion get the best of you.
Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to notice the beauty that surrounds you. Conceived in beauty, beauty is your birthright.
You’ve climbed more than your share of high, craggy mountains this week. It is time, now, to be kind to you. Rest. Draw in beauty and love. Focus on peace. Kindness begins in self care.
You are not called to fix the rain or stop the storm. You are called to love, to be kind. After you’ve done what you can, it’s all right to simply watch their storm blow by. Kindness is the storm that will heal the world. Be kind.
After the storm, it’s time to focus on self-care. A kinder world begins with self-kindness.

Quotes September 16, 2018

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“No mud. No lotus”
Thich Naht Hanh
“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”
Lucius Annaeu Seneca
“Kindness can transform someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light. ”
Amy Leigh Mercree
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
Mother Teresa
“When words are both true and kind, they change the world.”
“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Ward
“Together, we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.”
Ron Hall
“What wisdom can you find that’s greater than kindness?”
Jean Jacques Rousseau
The seed of kindness will grow into the bounty of you life.
You are a part of this big universe. Kindness is your way of connecting. Be kind
No matter what storms are on your horizon, be kind to every one you meet.
Sparkly T-rex asks: “How were you kind today?”
This is a truly beautiful world. Get out to see it. Be kind to you.
Frustrated with the state of the world? Our thoughts make our world. Don’t like the state of the world? Change your thoughts.
The mist covers life unfolding. Breathe. Let life unfold. Be kind.
The world is a big and beautiful place. Be kind. Keep your horizons clear.
The kindest thing we can do is to take the long view with a beloved friend.
Kindness grows. Be kind

Quotes August 28, 2018

Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”
Mary Anne Radmacher
“If your compassion does not include you, it is incomplete.”
Jack Kornfield
“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
Charles Bukowski
Be vigilant; guard your mind against negative thoughts.
This week, let’s ask the people we meet — “How can I help?”
Being kind is hard wired in your brain. Competition is not. Be kind. You’ll feel better.
In dark times, it’s up to us to hold onto the light.
Let kindness be your light house to guide you safely in from the storm.
Did you know that kindness is contagious? Be kind – spread kindness through out your life and the world.
Everything ends. You may as well be kind while you can.
Find fun where you can. Be kind to you.
Life can be overwhelming. Be kind to everyone you meet. Feeling overwhelmed? Commit an act of kindness, you’ll feel better.
Stop obsessing on them.
You know exactly who I mean.

Life is out here.
Not in there.

Do a small kindness for someone else.
Grab some life.
Your kindness is your umbrella against the dark. Be kind.
Your pencils are sharp enough. It’s time to create that kind life.
Mmm-hhmmm. “Kindness is an insanely powerful life hack and yet, the most overlooked. Learn how to genuinely be kind to people. This will get you further than anything else.”
We must treat ourselves and others with kindness and compassion. Self rage is an effort to control what is out of control. Try compassion. It works.
Today, and every day, just be kind — that’s all you have to do.
Kindness is like a cold fruity drink on a hot day.
Kindness lights up this world.
Be kind. You may be amazed at where you find fruit.
Hold a rainbow in your heart and mind. Reach out your hand to share the light. Be kind.
“Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” Chinese Proverb — What candle will you light this week? Make it kind.
We see a lot of change in our world. We want a lot of things to change in our world. The only thing we can change is ourselves.

Tuesday is a great day to practice being kind to everyone you meet today.

Quotes August 01, 2018

Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

It’s Wednesday. Have you managed to be kind this week? Kind to them? Kind to you? Let’s be kind today.
Sometimes, all you need is a good cup of tea, a beautiful flower, and a moment of peace. Be kind to you.
“Beware the barrenness of a busy life” Socrates — Let’s take a beauty break every single day this week. Look at beautiful pictures, get outside and walk in the world, watch lovely films, read good books, absorb the beauty that surrounds us.
You are surrounded by love. Being kind is your way of connecting to that flow. Why not try it today?
You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try to make everyone happy. For now, take time for you. It’s time to replenish.
Life flows on – be kind.
Every kind act matters. Thank you for being kind!
No matter what storms lie on your horizon, be kind
We’ve lost track of our home — kindness, love, friendship, laughter. Shine your light. Guide them home.
Kindness is the missing piece in to a happy life.
Be kind. It’s always possible.
What kind acts are you planning for this week? Doesn’t have to be big. Doesn’t have to be hard. Simple, everyday kindness changes the world.
Love yourself. Reduce the loathing in the world.
Feeling blue? Research shows that doing one act of kindness for another person can lift your spirits. Try it!
No matter how rough the waves are in your life, be kind wherever and whenever you can.
You are made from the elements of the universe — stardust, minerals, and light. You are precious, one of a kind. Be kind to you!
The sea may be rough. Kindness is your boat.
The world is a little crazy. Don’t give up. Kindness is the way forward.
The way forward is kindness and kindness is the way. Be kind
Want to run away to some safe beautiful spot? Being kind is like hiding in plain sight. You build the kind world you long for one word, one action at a time. Don’t give up. You’ve got this. Be kind.
Flower or thorns? You never know what someone else is experiencing. Be kind.
Remember to be kind to everyone you see today
Today’s agenda? Be kind. Enough said.
This cat is watching your every move to make sure that you’re kind today.
You are filled with light. Don’t hide it from the world. Be the light by being kind.
It’s okay to shade yourself from the heat & horror of life.
Shade on a hot day is a kindness;
stay too long and you will go dormant.
We are creatures of the light.
Enjoy the shade, but don’t linger there.
Somewhere, not far from here, there is a calm and quiet place of peace. Breathe in that peace. You are safe.
The storm will pass. Be kind to yourself and others as you prepare to rebuild a new world.
It’s not your job to fix the a$$holes in the world. It’s your job to be kind

Quotes June 14, 2018






Quotes May 22, 2018

Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

If you’re kind to me, I will be kind to you. If you are cruel to me and others, I shall be wish you well and let you go.
Inside of you lives a child who longs for freedom and wonder. Today, give yourself some time to day dream. Be kind to the child in you.
The Girl’s Guide to Loving Life gives us a “To Do” list: 1. Count my blessings, 2. Practice KINDNESS, 3. Let go of what I can’t control, 4. Listen to my heart, 5. Be productive yet calm, 6. Just breathe.
What if this week we follow this simply prescription: Smile on your brother, Get together, Try to love one another.
A lot of us are angry now. Rather than spread our anger, what if we spread our kindness instead?
What do you see when you look out on the landscape of your life? No kindness in sight? What are YOU going to do about it? Change your landscape. Be kind.
Let kind words fill your mouth. They will crowd out the angry, hopeless rant. You will feel better.
This week, let’s make an effort to notice the kindness that surrounds us. It’s there. We simply don’t see it. Cynicism = broken heartedness, not intelligence. Kindness is real. Kindness is there. Just notice it.
You draw your life with every action and word. Are you drawing a kind life?
You won’t remember these ridiculous people. You’ll remember being kind. Be kind.
Be kind to you. Be kind to them. You don’t have to judge or figure out or heal or fix or make better. You are simply called to be kind.
Keep track of the times you are lucky today.
Write three than you notes that simply say: “Thanks for being you.”
This is your LIFE. What will you fill it with? Make it kind.
We live in a desperately lonely time. Cruelty breeds in loneliness. Take a moment to be kind. One kind act can help break though your loneliness and that of someone else. Reach out. Be kind. Connect
Oh it’s that jerk again!! You want to slap him. If you wish to really twist his panties, be kind. He won’t know what to do with it.
In general, people are kind in their interactions with each other. Who is listening to you? Who has touched you? Who asks you ‘how are you’? Who gives you a kind word? They are there. I know this because human beings cannot survive without these things. You’re here — notice who is being kind to you.
Your path is kindness. Kindness is your path. Never forget — the kind acts of unknown others lay at your feet.
Everywhere you go, plant kindness.
The cold of winter is soon to give way to the wet of spring. What will you grow this spring? How about planting a large plot of kindness?