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Military October 07, 2021

Military.com: 2 Soldiers Die at Fort Bragg on the Same Day in Unrelated Incidents
Military.com: Korean War Veteran Bobby Brown Was Also a Cardiologist and World Series Champion; Coast Guardsman Sues Claiming Retaliation for Filing Sex Assault Report at Academy; Army Unveils New Centers for Sex Assault Response After Vanessa Guillén Murder; Ex-Army Couple Avoids More Prison Time in Child Abuse Case and more ->
Task & Purpose: The true story of how Army paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck used to secure the Kabul airport Soldiers trading dip for a technical may be the most Army story ever.; Marines are testing a new scope that ‘locks on’ target Nobody cares that you shot with iron sights. This is freaking awesome. And more ->
By Francine Uenuma, Smithsonian Magazine: The Deadliest Disaster at Sea Killed Thousands, Yet Its Story Is Little-Known. Why? In the final months of World War II, German citizens and soldiers fleeing the Soviet army died when the “Wilhelm Gustloff” sank.