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Images April 14, 2018

The heart of M13, aka the Great Cluster in Hercules, a globular star cluster and one of our Milky Way galaxy’s oldest inhabitants. This image was acquired by the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope.

Images March 21, 2018

Where’s the moon? Waning crescent
Tom Boz in North Wildwood, New Jersey, caught the waning crescent moon of March 14. New moon is March 17. If you see the moon before dawn before then, it’ll be a very slender crescent.


Sun pillar at Vancouver Island
Sun pillars happen when sunlight reflects from plate-like ice crystals, drifting through Earth’s atmosphere with a horizontal orientation, gently rocking from side to side as they fall. Photo taken March 12 by Wally Roth, near Lantzville, British Columbia.


Sunday night’s moon, Venus, Mercury
Moon, Venus, Mercury Sunday evening from Richard Hasbrouck in Las Truchas, New Mexico. He wrote “A happy surprise after a wild-weather day.”


Mars, from Curiosity rover
View larger. | The scenic foothills of Mount Sharp on Mars, as captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover on sol 1981, the rover’s 1,981th day on Mars.

Images March 18, 2018

Low rainbow near Joshua Tree
The height of a rainbow depends on the height of the sun. The higher the sun, the lower the rainbow. Patty Singer caught this low rainbow outside Joshua Tree National Park on February 22.


Rose-colored Jupiter
This Juno spacecraft image, taken February 7, captures a close-up view of a storm with bright cloud tops in planet Jupiter’s northern hemisphere.