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Quotes November 29, 2019

No trooper, no special forces operative wants to sit behind a desk. We joined up to kick some doors down.
Ant Middleton
Let’s just say I was in Special Forces and leave it at that. People can read into that what they like.
Christopher Lee
The SAS is the most elite of the special forces in the world. They are not people who go out and advertise; they keep it inside. They don’t want anybody to know about them.
Taylor Hackford
My father was a soldier. He was a frogman in the special forces in Denmark before I was born, and always the reality of that inspired me. My mom is very left-wing, classic socialist, and she always talked about the solders as almost crazy, violent, sick people, and I want to confront that because its very judgmental, and I’m not sure it’s true.
Tobias Lindholm
It’s unresolved conflict in my life that I have a lovely family and a risky job.
Bear Grylls
The documentary feature film ‘Legion of Brothers’ tells the stories of the handful of U.S. Special Forces soldiers who, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, went into Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and, within a matter of weeks, overthrew the Taliban regime.

In the public’s mind, Special Forces are often confused with the ‘door kickers’ of Special Operations Forces – such as SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force – who are the United States’ elite counterterrorism operators.
Peter Bergen
I have many friends in Special Forces, and the amazing thing about these guys is how quickly they can read someone.
Mike Vogel