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Gastro Obscura: The Underground Farm Delivering Rare Herbs to New York’s Top Chefs and more ->

A Garden Grows Underground
At New York City’s Farm.one, farmers grow rare, bespoke, and chef-tailored micro-greens and herbs that they hand-deliver to elite restaurants.

A Special Sumo Stew
Sumo wrestlers eat in a regimented fashion to get as large as they can. At the heart of this process is chanko, a stew which has come to symbolize the sport and dominate their lives even after they retire.

The Cheesiest Bread
In Georgia, khachapuri is so popular that economists have used the dish as a metric for inflation and cost of living between cities.
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Why Menu Translations Go Terribly Wrong,  Historical Home Cooking, The Fruitcake Games and more

Deciphering Dinner
Laughable menu translations aren’t just the result of restaurant managers and chefs making mistakes. Even for fluent experts, food and menus are uniquely challenging to translate.
Historical Home Cooking
Even when ancient recipes have survived, their instructions can be maddeningly vague or difficult to source. Recreating them takes time, tinkering, translation, and ample creativity.
The Fruitcake Games
In 1996, a group of locals in Manitou Springs, Colorado, gathered in a park to toss their unloved fruitcakes. The annual celebration now features a fruitcake slingshot and target practice.
Falling for Vodka
Until the 1930s, gin was the clear spirit du jour in America. Then, Smirnoff realized that vodka’s lack of flavor could be a selling point.
Suspended Sweets
An initial glimpse at Churchkhela suggests candlesticks, not an energy-rich, hanging mass of nuts nicknamed the “Georgian Snickers bar.”
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