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Military March 14, 2019

By Jim Thompson: Special Operations Pilot Charged with Raping Airman During Deployment
Task & Purpose: US sends B-52 bombers over disputed South China Sea for second time in 10 days; The soldier who allegedly took an APC joy ride through Virginia is now accused of violating his bond; Feast your eyes on these 9 very good and adorable military dogs for National K-9 Veterans Day; A US official accurately predicted a ‘perfect storm’ of catastrophes before the 2003 Iraq invasion and more ->
Lt. Col. Chad Gregory Kahl MD SFS CMA FAAFP: Chairman’s Flight Surgeon Shares Insights on How to Run Farther and Live Longer

Military March 09, 2019

By Hope Hodge Seck: This Coast Guard Pilot Braved a Hurricane and Made History in the Process
By Oriana Pawlyk: Air Force Gets First Upgraded ‘Ghostrider’ Gunship
By Patricia Kime: Navy Carriers Celebrate 25 Years of Gender-Integrated Crews

Military February 10, 2019

By Haley Britzky: Soldier billed as ‘timeless example of heroism under fire’ to have award upgraded to Distinguished Service Cross
By Christina L. Myers: SC Town Honors Black WWII Vet 7 Decades After Brutal Beating
Isaac Woodard Jr. (March 18, 1919 – September 23, 1992) was a decorated African American World War II veteran. On February 12, 1946, hours after being honorably discharged from the United States Army, he was attacked while still in uniform by South Carolina police as he was taking a bus home. The attack and his injuries sparked national outrage and galvanized the civil rights movement in the United States.

The attack left Woodard completely and permanently blind. Due to South Carolina’s reluctance to pursue the case, President Harry S. Truman ordered a federal investigation. The sheriff was indicted and went to trial in federal court in South Carolina, where he was acquitted by an all-white jury.

Such miscarriages of justice by state governments influenced a move towards civil rights initiatives at the federal level. Truman subsequently established a national interracial commission, made a historic speech to the NAACP and the nation in June 1947 in which he described civil rights as a moral priority, submitted a civil rights bill to Congress in February 1948, and issued Executive Orders 9980 and 9981 on June 26, 1948, desegregating the armed forces and the federal government.

By Rachael Riley: Like Father, Like Son: 82nd Soldiers Jump Together at Bragg
The War Horse: Carry Me Home; Pop Bangers and IED Explosions; My Battle Buddy Was Always Smiling and more ->

Military February 05, 2019

By Gina Harkins: Vietnam Veteran Who Ordered His Marines to Fix Bayonets Receives Silver Star
By Claudia Grisales: Lawmakers Demand Answers in Wake of Navy Linguist’s Death in Syria
Jones, a longtime vocal opponent of the post-9/11 wars who is now in hospice care battling his own health issues, had asked Spencer last year to revise the Defense Department rule that led to Kent’s deployment.

“I am writing to ask for consideration of a potential policy change about the use of ‘initial entry’ medical standards as opposed to ‘retention’ medical standards in respect to officer accessions,” he wrote in the Aug. 17, 2018 letter to Spencer. “I think these practices may be discriminatory while prohibiting upward mobility and advancement opportunities.”
Task & Purpose News: Army’s TARDEC simplifies its acronym to CCDCGVSC; Russia Claims It’s Arming Warships With A New Weapon That Makes Enemies Want To Vomit and more ->
By Jeff Schogol: The Air Force is the only service that decreased its number of suicides in 2018
Clear Skies for DOD Cloud Initiative
Learning to Save a Life
By C. Todd Lopez: Improving Combat Lethality, Performance

Videos January 23, 2019






Military January 02, 2019

By Hope Hodge Seck: As Teens Born After 9/11 Reach Military Age, Recruiters Face New Challenges

Videos November 27, 2018



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Military November 17, 2018

By Paulina Dedja: WWII Veteran ‘Adopted’ by California Couple After Wildfires Displace Him
By Richard Sisk: Fathers of 3 Green Berets Killed in Jordan File Lawsuit Alleging Cover-Up
By James Clark: ‘It’s A Scandal’ — Inside The Fight To Hold The Military Accountable For Medical Malpractice
By Richard Sisk: All Military Services Get Failing Grade in First-Ever Audit of Pentagon
By Fox News: Multi-agency Drug Sweep Nets 49 Arrests, $500M in Cocaine: Coast Guard
By James Clark: A New WWII Animated Series Will Follow One Army Unit From The Invasion Of Italy To The Liberation Of Dachau



Videos November 14, 2018