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Videos April 02, 2018

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Just A Car Guy -> Stay Alert!

Just A Car Guy -> life isn’t safe, stay alert




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Just A Car Guy -> Ford service and maintenance

Ford service and maintenance, where you’re always welcome.

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Just A Car Guy -> Rambo the tractor driving golden retriever

Rambo the golden retriever has drawn a stream of visitors to his home, in County Down, Northern Ireland, where he can often be seen riding on tractors

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Just A Car Guy ->  I learn some crazy stuff while surfing through car photos… this little tyke? He’s the voice of young Bambi, and went on to a Marine Corps career where he was also a drill instructor.


Little Donnie Dunagan, an actor from 38-42, a Marine from ’52-77 retiring as a Major. How about that?!!!
He enlisted in 1952 and was subsequently promoted 13 times in 21 years — a Corps record at the time, he recalls.

He has worked with Karloff, Lugosi, and Rathbone in Son of Frankensrtein, and as a spy in cold war Berlin, and was shot a couple times in the Tet offensive in Vietnam. The collapse of Enron ate his savings and he is now working to make ends meet. (It’s a fact, he’s one of the last alive to have worked with Karloff who acted right until he died in 1969, and with the 65-year interval between the making of the original Bambi and his participation on the DVD, Donnie probably holds the record for the longest-awaited show business comeback of any entertainer in the world!)

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Donald “Donnie” Roan Dunagan (born August 16, 1934) is a retired American former child actor and United States Marine Corps drill instructor. He was a voice actor in the Bambi film, providing the voice of young Bambi.