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Must Read Alaska January 22, 2018

Good morning from somewhere in Alaska … Welcome to Must Read Alaska … a news compendium that lands in the inboxes of 11,000 Alaskans every Monday … The campaigns for Anchorage mayor have surged with the official filing by Rebecca Logan and incumbent Ethan Berkowitz. It’s an uphill battle for Logan, with the mainstream media all but ignoring the election so far. Quiet coverage of the local election strongly favors the incumbent. (But they know that already.)

KING COVE DEAL NOW SIGNED: In Washington this morning, the land swap between the federal government and the King Cove Native Corporation took place at the Department of Interior. It was historic, and brief.

On Saturday, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke picked up trash along the National Mall and welcomed students to the World War II Memorial, and he said he’d be out there every day during the shutdown.


When did the federal government shut down? It started at midnight on Saturday morning. Today is the first workday of the shutdown.

When will it reopen? The House and Senate negotiated all weekend. It may be resolved by Monday.

What is it all about? Republicans and Democrats are arguing over long-term illegal immigrants who arrived here as children (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). There are 700,000 to 800,000 of these unfortunate illegals who could be deported at any time. They are undocumented, living under the radar.

There is also the matter of “chain migration,” where people keep bringing family members in, not always from countries that are known as peaceful. The entire government and the 301 million citizens are being held up by Democrats over the status of these individuals.

When was the last shutdown? 2013.

How long did it last? 17 days — Oct. 1-16.

Why did it happen in 2013? The Republican-led House tried to delay or defund parts of Obamacare. The Democratic-led Senate, with Alaska Sen. Mark Begich in the majority, passed measures to maintain Obamacare funding at unsustainable levels. It was the House on one side of the issue, and President Obama and the Senate on the other.

Which side is taking the blame this time around? The Washington Post says it’s the Democrats who are taking the hit. Politico/Morning Consult poll says Republicans will be hurt.

STATE OF THE UNION: If the Democrats have their way, the country will still be shut down on Jan. 30, when the president gives his State of the Union address.

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Must Read Alaska December 18, 2017

Must Read Alaska

Good morning from somewhere … It’s been an amazing year for Must Read Alaska, which has hit the 1.5 million mark, (web site stories read), and the Monday newsletter rolls on with 10,000 plus subscribers … Scroll down to see what the “Top Ten Most Read” stories were in 2017 … The Seward Highway is closed at this hour due to a massive rock slide at Mile 105-107, which is the heavy-traffic section of Indian-Windy Corner. Both lanes of traffic are shut down with boulders and trees on the road; DOT is clearing it. There is no ETA for when the road will re-open … But first …

TAX HOLIDAY: You’re going to want to see just how much you’ll save with the tax reform package that should make it into law this week. We’ve got you covered with a handy tax calculator. Merry Christmas!

FAKE NET NEUTRALITY COMMENTS FROM AK? Hundreds of thousands of public comments on “net neutrality” regulations are now known to be fake. Tens of thousands may be from Alaskans who don’t know they commented to the FCC.

This raises questions about the quality and veracity of the public process going forward, and deserves scrutiny.


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