Tag: Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) Shannon M. Kent.

Military February 05, 2019

By Gina Harkins: Vietnam Veteran Who Ordered His Marines to Fix Bayonets Receives Silver Star
By Claudia Grisales: Lawmakers Demand Answers in Wake of Navy Linguist’s Death in Syria
Jones, a longtime vocal opponent of the post-9/11 wars who is now in hospice care battling his own health issues, had asked Spencer last year to revise the Defense Department rule that led to Kent’s deployment.

“I am writing to ask for consideration of a potential policy change about the use of ‘initial entry’ medical standards as opposed to ‘retention’ medical standards in respect to officer accessions,” he wrote in the Aug. 17, 2018 letter to Spencer. “I think these practices may be discriminatory while prohibiting upward mobility and advancement opportunities.”
Task & Purpose News: Army’s TARDEC simplifies its acronym to CCDCGVSC; Russia Claims It’s Arming Warships With A New Weapon That Makes Enemies Want To Vomit and more ->
By Jeff Schogol: The Air Force is the only service that decreased its number of suicides in 2018
Clear Skies for DOD Cloud Initiative
Learning to Save a Life
By C. Todd Lopez: Improving Combat Lethality, Performance

Military January 31, 2019

By Claudia Grisales: Family of Fallen Navy Linguist Fights Regulation That Forced Her Deployment
But an obscure Navy rule and a previous bout of cancer derailed those plans and led to her fifth combat deployment instead. She was killed less than two months later.

Now, her family wants to finish the fight started by Kent to undo the regulation.

“The regulation still hasn’t been fixed and that’s something we’re working on now,” said Joe Kent, 38, her husband and father to their two children. “We’d like to change it in her honor.”
By Pauline Repard: Lawyers Give Arguments in Trial for Navy Technician who Drove Off Bridge
Sepolio faces 13 charges, including four counts of gross vehicular manslaughter with intoxication, driving under the influence and reckless driving. He could be sentenced to more than 23 years in state prison if convicted of the most serious charges.

Deputy District Attorney Cally Bright said Sepolio, 27, a Navy petty officer and aviation technician, was more than simply careless when he tried to pass a car on his left by going more than 80 mph on a curve onto the bridge.
By Patrick Baker: Retired Special Forces Sniper Michael ‘Rod’ Rodriguez Joins Task & Purpose Radio
When the team decided they wanted to discuss the current issues facing the special forces community, they knew that Rodriguez was the perfect person to talk to. Additionally, Rodriguez opens up about watching his son deploy with the 82nd Airborne: “All I saw was a toddler going up the ramp and it ripped me like a shotgun.”
By Jared Keller: Trump Was Right: The Navy’s ‘Digital’ Catapult Really Is An Expensive Mess
Navy to Commission Submarine South Dakota
By Jennifer H. Svan: Students Design $1.25 Piece to Help Prevent B-2 Stealth Bomber Emergencies
One of the world’s most advanced bombers is flying with a plastic switch cover, designed by Missouri high school students, in its cockpit to prevent possible in-flight emergencies, the Air Force says.

The Stealth Panthers robotics team at Knob Noster High School near Whiteman Air Force Base worked with pilots and engineers last fall to create and test the 3D-printed prototype in a B-2 Spirit training simulator.
By Patricia Kime: Proposed VA Rules Would Expand Veterans’ Access to Private Health Care
The Department of Veterans Affairs today announced proposed rules for determining which veterans would be able to seek medical care in the private sector starting this summer — their eligibility guidelines based on drive times and appointment waiting periods that could significantly expand the number of veterans seen outside the VA.