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Quotes August 11, 2023

They could beat you, run you, make you endure untold cold and pain, and kill you… but they could never make you quit.
Walter Diaczenko
Extraordinary people are the Green Berets and the Navy Seals and the Olympic athletes – these are the ones who can face these extraordinary physical challenges and be triumphant.
Jonathan Demme
The heart and soul of a Navy SEAL is somebody who’s committed to their country and committed to their teammates.
Howard E. Wasdin
It’s all mind over matter, if I don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter.
US Navy SEAL’s
Sometimes you have to slide down the obstacles head first.
Cowards never start. The weak never finish. Winners never quit.
The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.
Stay positive. Stay fighting. Stay brave. Stay ambitious. Stay focused. Stay strong.
Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.
Life is a battle. At least, for most people.
You need to train harder and longer than your enemies to survive. It’s not luck that makes Navy SEALS the most elite combat unit in the world – It’s hard work on a daily basis.
You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.
My strength didn’t come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up every time I was knocked down.
We’re not going to stop until we get at least one quitter.
Don’t back down from the sharks.
Don’t be afraid of the circuses.

Quotes July 07, 2023

A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guaranty of peace.
Theodore Roosevelt
Stay low, go fast. Kill first, die last. One shot, one kill. No luck, all skill
US Navy SEAL’s
There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.
A leader has nothing to prove, but everything to prove.
A leader must lead but also be ready to follow.
GET UP. AND. GO. Take the risk, take the gamble, take the first step. Take action. And don’t let another day slip by.
Jocko Willink
There’s a storm inside of us, a burning river, a drive. You push yourself further than anyone could think possible. You are never out of the fight.
I have to face the final battle by myself, maybe lonely, maybe desolate, maybe against formidable odds. But I was not giving up.
To break a Navy Seal, you have to kill us. That’s why we can make it into our training. That’s why we can call ourselves Seals because the only way your gonna break us is to kill us.
Marcus Luttrell
As one of my more famous teammates is known to say, “Can’t Quit, Not Dead!” That is the kind of motivation you need to get through training!
Roger Guerra
One of the great things about the SEAL teams in particular, and the American military in general, is the tremendous diversity of backgrounds and experience that people bring to their service.
Eric Greitens
You’ll never know your limits until you push yourself to them.

Quotes May 12, 2023

I believe in American exceptionalism. As a Navy SEAL, I fought so that I would never have to see my president bow to anyone.
Ryan Zinke
Fight weak emotions with logic; fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotions.
Jocko Willink
What the SEAL teams do, what our training does, is it chips away the outer that layer and shows you what you’re capable of and not capable of.
Marcus Luttrell
The Navy is much more than a job; much more than service to the country. It is a way of life. It gets in your blood.
Albert F. Pratt
Truly – my mind never told me to give up though my body was beaten down.
Stew Smith
SEAL training was a great equalizer. Nothing mattered but your will to succeed. Not your color, not your ethnic background, not your education and not your social status.
William H. McRaven
Anything worth doing is worth over doing. Moderation is for cowards.
Shane Patton
Put your mind in neutral and your ass in gear.
John Parrish
If you’ve never met a Navy SEAL and you ran into one at a bar, you probably still wouldn’t know he’s a Navy SEAL.
Howard E. Wasdin
Navy SEALs Say when you are under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion. You sink to the level of your training. Train well.
Jon Gordon
As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.
Robin S. Sharma

Military September 26, 2018

By Paul Szoldra: Marine Sergeant Major To Receive Medal Of Honor For Risking His Life To Save Wounded Comrades In Vietnam
By Oriana Pawlyk: It’s Official: John Canley Will Be 300th Marine to Receive Medal of Honor
By Air Force Staff Sgt. Christopher Stoltz 386th Air Expeditionary Wing: Face of Defense: Airman Transforms Traumatic Experience Into Triumph
By Matthew Cox: Army Body Armor May Be Too Heavy for Combat, Report Finds
By Gina Harkins Military.com: Marine Corps Fitness Tests Are Getting A Lot Harder. Here’s What You Need To Know
Since the CFT is meant to ensure Marines are ready for combat, a shorter recovery time is something they could experience downrange too.

“In combat, things happen rapidly,” Armes said. “You don’t get a set time to recover. You might get a Marine across the danger zone and then they might have to do something like lift ammo cans. They’re going to be doing one thing after another in combat.”
By Jeff Schogol: Mattis Can’t Say If Having Women In The Infantry Will Work Or Not
Mattis also stressed that infantry units are “the most primitive, I would say evil environment” in the military because they consist of young Marines and soldiers who are cocky, rambunctious, and “necessarily macho.”
“I was never under any illusions about what level of respect my Marines would have for me if I couldn’t run with the fastest of them and look like it didn’t bother me; if I couldn’t do as many pull-ups as the strongest of them,” Mattis said. “It was the unfairness of the infantry.”
By Matthew Cox: Lethality Task Force Lead: Marine and Army Grunts Should Train Like Rangers
By Air Force Airman 1st Class William Tracy 50th Space Wing: Face of Defense: Airman Crafts Art Out of Fruit




Military June 29, 2018

By Air Force Senior Airman Jourdan Barrons 86th Airlift Wing: Face of Defense: Airman From Togo Takes Pride in U.S. Citizenship





Quotes July 06, 2018

Obviously I was challenged by becoming a Naval aviator, by landing aboard aircraft carriers and so on.
Alan Shepard
The Navy speaks in symbols and you may suit what meaning you choose to the words.
Patrick O’Brian
A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guaranty of peace.
A powerful Navy we have always regarded as our proper and natural means of defense; and it has always been of defense that we have thought, never of aggression or of conquest. But who shall tell us now what sort of Navy to build? We shall take leave to be strong upon the seas, in the future as in the past; and there will be no thought of offense or provocation in that. Our ships are our natural bulwarks.
Theodore Roosevelt
The Navy has a custom-if a ship runs aground, the captain is relieved regardless of who is responsible. That’s how Abu Ghraib should be handled.
Rand Beers
The US Navy has several people on every ship that can navigate by the stars. They don’t fool with that.
Bill Nye
Navy teams have reached the area to launch an operation for the recovery of survivors or of all the bodies.
Mohammed Salman
I was a mechanic in the Navy. And mechanics in the Navy are like mechanics in airlines. You may have more stripes than I do, but you don’t know how to fix the airplane.
Gordon Bethune
The Navy has changed a great deal. Not that the officers of my day were bad, because I served under a lot of good officers, believe me. But there were a few bad ones, too.
Ernest Borgnine