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Military January 18, 2019

By Jeff Schogol: Army Ranger Dies After Being Wounded In Afghanistan
By Paul Szoldra: Senate Honors Richard Overton, The 112-Year-Old World War II Veteran Who Died Last Month
By Jared Keller: R. Lee Ermey, Marine Corps Drill Instructor Turned Iconic Actor, Will Be Buried At Arlington
By Richard Sisk: Stanley McChrystal: Stop Fixating on Politicians, Focus on Nation’s Problems
Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal called on Americans to stop fixating on President Donald Trump and search for answers within themselves to the nation’s problems.
By Matthew Cox: Air Force Study Shows Wrench-Turners Make Better Cyber Warriors
The Air Force is studying “what actually makes somebody have a capacity — not necessarily the ability right now, but a capacity — to learn cyberspace operations,” Robinson said.

“So there have been some studies recently that are showing that, hey … that person is over in maintenance, that person has been turning wrenches on a jet for the past 15 years. They actually have the capacity and the innate ability to understand networks and get a better idea, and they are turning out to make some of the most prolific and fantastic operators that we have,” she said.

“We took some of our maintainers and turned them into cyber operators, and they are just crushing all of these classes. They are the most sought-after folks from Cyber Command to come and sit on these teams,” Robinson said.
Department Of Defense Off-Camera Press Briefing on the 2019 Missile Defense Review

Military May 23, 2018

By Louis Briscese 60th Air Mobility Wing: Travis Airmen Support Kilauea Volcano Relief Efforts
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Service Members Must be Physically Ready for Deployment, Troxell Says
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Coalition Trainers in Iraq Helping ‘Make a Good Force Better’
Department of Defense Press Briefing by Italian Brigadier General Vannacci via Teleconference from Iraq Press Operations
By Annette P. Gomes U.S. Army Warrior Care and Transition: Face of Defense: Army NCO Faces, Overcomes Adversity


Mr. Overton is 111 years old, he is the oldest living man in the United States. Having served in World War II, he is also the oldest known veteran. He is known for enjoying his time in his east Austin home smoking cigars and drinking the occasional whiskey.