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Semi’s Bad, Good and Almost September 4, 2016


Truck Driver Surprised To Find He Was Dragging A Car Down The Highway



Justin T. Westbrook: Terrifying Video Perfectly Explains The Purpose Of Runaway Truck Ramps


mxer: In CO, we’ve got one that goes nearly straight up! Judging by the video, there isn’t much control when you hit the gravel, making it butt clinching. Of course your truck is already out of control so you might already be in code brown.




DeliciousTurboSoup: Here’s a good one from today on the same exact ramp


drluccia:  If you use it, you also get to pay the cost of restoring it, get a ticket for losing control of your truck, and if your truck is company-owned, you’ll most likely get fired, again for losing control of your truck. If you don’t use it, you and numerous others just might die as your rig hurtles to the inevitable plunge off a cliff.



Cannabis illegal, Alcohol legal September 1, 2016

Is there more money in Alcohol than Cannabis? (Sarcasm)

Cannabis Social Clubs became popular in the United States during prohibition. Cannabis was often used as a legal intoxicant since alcohol was illegal.

Teapads were developed as clubs in urban areas where jazz music was performed and cannabis was consumed. Teapads usually catered to those in the jazz scene and were usually furnished comfortably, often playing jazz music. Music in homage from these clubs arose; Gene Krupa even composed an entire album named “Teapad Songs Volume 1”. These clubs disappeared after cannabis became illegal.

Cannabis Social Club

Gene Krupa Tea Pad Songs Volume One I’m Feeling High and Happy

Alaska Can not stop Heroin, Can Not Stop Meth, Can not stop Alcohol related crimes  including but not limited to: murder, drunk driving, child and domestic abuse but by god let’s stop pot smokers. Don’t be farming hemp either~

Laurel Andrews: Alaska attorney general: Marijuana social clubs are illegal

Cathy Muñoz’s Compassion for Child Abusers August 31, 2016

Child abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a parent or other caregiver. It may include any act or failure to act by a parent or other caregiver that results in actual or potential harm to a child, and can occur in a child’s home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with.

The terms child abuse and child maltreatment are often used interchangeably, but some researchers make a distinction between them, treating child maltreatment as an umbrella term to cover neglect, exploitation, and trafficking.

Different jurisdictions have developed their own definitions of what constitutes child abuse for the purposes of removing a child from his/her family and/or prosecuting a criminal charge.


Alaska has one of the highest rates of child abuse. Children can not vote, therefore they have no value for Cathy Alaska has one of the highest rates of child abuse. Children can not vote, therefore they have no value for Cathy Muñoz.

I believe Muñoz  “learning experience” is not to get caught doing anything to lose votes, which is one of top rules for politicians.


In her statement, Muñoz said she unintentionally caused pain to victims of sexual abuse, and said she’s been accused at times of being “too compassionate.”

“My mistake was not being more sensitive to the victims in these particular cases,” she said in a phone interview Tuesday. “This has created a learning experience that’s going to change my life around these issues.”

Nathaniel Herz: Munoz retracts letters supporting leniency for sexual abuser, convicted mother



“A trial is not a search for truth. It is a contest and, often, one that produces no winners.”
Andrew Vachss

The Legislative Drafting Institute for Child Protection (LDICP) is the natural evolution of a collective anger, frustration, and disappointment. I believe all of us involved share those feelings, but here I speak only for myself.


Tel: 225-612-4916

Playgrounds in Anchorage & the Valley August 30, 2016

Are the Playgrounds & Vacant Lots you used still available?  If not, do you know what happened them?  I know what happened to the “chain” Vacant Lot Playground I used.  My 0-Lot Line was built on it.


Anchorage boasts 223 parks with 82 playgrounds: Some are in the middle of residential areas, and others feel like they’ve been manicured into the center of the wilderness. As you head north to Wasilla, Palmer, and Talkeetna, you’ll find even more playgrounds that take advantage of the unique assets of their locations. Here’s a list of our top picks.

Listing of “the best” playgrounds and parks in Anchorage:


(Colleen) Carlson, a former outdoor educator turned playground advocate, thought she knew Anchorage parks and playgrounds before she gave birth to James. Once she and her husband made the decision that she would stay home to raise their son, Carlson found it important for body and soul to get out of the house as much as possible, so she frequented her favorite nature-themed parks, then playgrounds, as James grew up. One week, she happened to meet the same dad at two different parks.

Erin Kirkland: Playing up Anchorage: New book reviews playgrounds of Alaska’s biggest city


Colleen Carlson:  133 Anchorage Playgrounds $16.95


ASD Abuse “It’s For The Children” August 29, 2016

Would be fantastic if an abused child could so easily be freed of the long term effects as their abuser’s are. Wonder if she will be allowed employment around children?

Julianti Clarke. agreed to plead guilty to second-degree harassment, and the first-degree charge was dismissed. She then completed 48 hours of community service, and prosecutors dismissed the entire case, according to court documents.

Tegan Hanlon: Lawsuit accuses Anchorage School District of mishandling teacher investigation



Bea Arthur Helping Teenagers August 29, 2016

LGBT Homeless Center To Open in NYC, Thanks To Bea Arthur!


Ali Forney Drop-In-Center

Massachusetts Sports History August 29, 2016

A 100-mile stretch of the state claims to have come up with baseball, basketball, candlepin bowling, and more.

Cara Giaimo : The Surprising Massachusetts Origins of Nearly Every American Sport

Wi-fi Webcam August 28, 2016


Make A Wi-fi Webcam From An Old Android Phone by depotdevoid


Sexual Consent: SNAFU August 28, 2016

Wiki: Rikers Island

Officials told the Times that Cosme engaged in further sex acts with women who were incarcerated at the time, and therefor not legally able to consent.

Hannah Gold: Rikers Island Correction Officer Indicted on Rape Charges as Sexual Assault Allegations Against Jail Staff Spike


The main culprit, critics say, is Security Chief Turhan Gumusdere, a man who has faced scandal in the past for distorting data in the jails by deleting hundreds of fights among inmates from the records when he was a deputy warden.

Stephen Rex Brown, Reuven Blau: EXCLUSIVE: Rikers Island correction bosses routinely ‘purge’ unfavorable violence stats to create illusion of reform, review shows


Roman Palanski, Bill Cosby & Nate Parker

Nate Parker, does he have daughters & sons?

On his understanding of sexual consent today, Parker says, “I’m learning, still. I’m 36-years-old and I’m learning about definitions that I should have known when I started having sex.”

And while we’re on the subject of learning things, Parker also admitted that when he wrote the initial Facebook post, a whole two weeks ago, he, “never took a moment to think about the woman.”

No doubt many moments from this interview will also be instructive to Parker.

Hannah Gold: Nate Parker Says He Did Not Think of Consent ‘As a Definition’ When He Was Accused of Rape

In 1999, Mr. Parker and his roommate Jean McGianni Celestin were accused of raping a young woman while they were students and wrestlers at Penn State University. (They said that the sex was consensual.) There was a third man, Tamerlane Kangas, who chose not to participate in the incident. At the trial two years later, Mr. Kangas said, according to court transcripts, “I didn’t believe that four people at one time was — you know, it didn’t seem right.”

What happened in 1999 is a familiar story: college athletes, alcohol, a vulnerable woman and allegations of sexual assault. The unnamed woman pressed charges against Mr. Parker and Mr. Celestin, claiming she was drunk, unconscious and unable to consent to sex.

Roxane Gary: Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy

School District New Approach to Attacks

Tegan Hanlon: The Anchorage School District is using a new approach to train students, teachers how to respond to attacks



What does ALICE stand for?

A – Alert: Sound an alarm using plain and specific language to alert others to the danger.

L – Lockdown: Move to a secure location, lock the door and take action to better barricade the room and begin preparing for other strategies if needed, such as evacuate or, as a last resort counter.

I – Inform: Share the violent intruder’s location and direction as often as possible using any means necessary (such as the intercom, handheld radios, text, cell phone or other means) so that everyone on site has access to the information. The goal is that knowledge is the key to survival.

C – Counter: This is a last resort.  Interrupt the physical act of the violent intruder by making noise or other distraction with the intent of reducing the intruder’s ability to execute his/her plan. This could mean throwing available objects to hinder the intruder’s aim. This is a last resort when the violent intruder is in the immediate vicinity and individuals are unable to escape.

E – Evacuate: When it is safe to do so, remove yourself from the danger zone. The goal is to get as many people away from the situation as possible. ALICE training provides techniques for safer and more strategic evacuations that will make the need to counter less likely. Individuals are encouraged to always evacuate when possible.

The strategies do not need to be completed in order and should not be considered a checklist. Staff and students will rely on the information at hand and their own judgment to determine the safest course of action.


The school district is holding an informational meeting on ALICE at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the ASD Education Center, 5530 E. Northern Lights Boulevard.

Additional communication will be made with parents when the training is scheduled to take place in their child’s school.

The ALICE Training Institute response was vetted by the Anchorage Police Department, Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson and is in use in other school districts throughout the state.


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