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Military August 15, 2022

Military.com: Guillen Family Seeks $35 Million in Wrongful Death Claim Against Army; 80 Years Later, Navajo Code Talker Marks Group’s Early Days; Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellite Communications; 10 Marine Corps Veterans Who Made It Big in the Movies and more ->
Task & Purpose: Air Force rescuers just flew hundreds of miles over the Pacific to save a patient on an oil tanker “We actually train at a level a little bit higher than this, so when we do missions like this, it makes it a little easier.”; From Saigon to Kabul: Vietnam vets tell Afghanistan vets how to cope with anniversary of the Taliban’s victory Afghanistan veterans need to understand they are not personally responsible for the fall of Kabul. And more ->

USAF: One year later: How OAR brought a Dover AFB Airman and Afghan evacuee together
DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Spc. 5 Dennis M. Fujii

The Untold Past: The TERRIFYING Female Guards Of The Concentration Camps
World War Two: The Communist Spies in America’s Atomic Program – WW2 – Spies & Ties 22



Best of the History Guy: Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts
The History Guy: Lafayette Pool: Texas Tanker
THG Podcast: D-Day Heroes

Mark Felton Productions: Hitler At The White House…Almost

Shawn Ryan Show: Jason Redman – Navy SEAL Talks Near Death Experience and Seeking Redemption | SRS #032
Medal of Honor Recipient Florent Groberg | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 107

Cleared Hot Episode 246 – Coffee Time with Evan Hafer

Military July 30, 2021

Military.com: Guillen Family Calls for Court-Martial of Soldier’s Harasser as Military Considers Crime Reforms; This Soldier Received the Medal of Honor for the Last Bayonet Charge of the Korean War; ‘Welcome Home’: Evacuation Flight Brings 200 Afghans to US and more ->
Task & Purpose: Navy charges sailor with starting the fire that destroyed USS Bonhomme Richard [Updated] Someone’s gotta pay the $3 billion bill.; Army approves Christian soldier’s request to wear long hair for religious reasons “I just felt utterly compelled that this is what I was being called to do.” And more ->
DoD: Navy to Christen Submarine Rickover; Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Holds a Joint Press Conference With Philippines Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, Manila, Philippines and more ->






Cleared Hot Podcast: Full Auto Friday – Round 64

Military April 22, 2021

Task & Purpose: The Army vowed change after Vanessa Guillén’s murder. One year later, it’s just getting started “I think that the jury’s still out on whether or not there has been a cultural shift at Fort Hood.”; This is the first general to be court-martialed in Air Force history “This was not a decision made lightly, but I believe it was the right decision.” Cop-turned-sailor-turned-nurse saves 2 people with 2 separate organ donations “In the end it’s really just for me: my motto is ‘do good, feel good, repeat.'” And more ->

Military.com: Air Force Survey Shows One-Third of Respondents Fear Reprisal for Reporting Mistreatment; UK Apologizes for Racism in Memorials to WWI Dead; An MQ-9 Drone Is Teaming Up with a Navy Warship to Obliterate Targets at Sea and more ->
DoD: DOD Announces 2021 Environmental Award Winners and more ->





Military December 08, 2020

Military.com: Chuck Yeager, First to Break Sound Barrier, Dies at 97
Task & Purpose: 14 Fort Hood leaders fired or suspended in fallout over Spc. Vanessa Guillén’s death Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy is cleaning house at Fort Hood.; Meet retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, Biden’s pick for defense secretary Lloyd Austin is a Silver Star recipient and more ->
Sports Heroes Who Served: Boxers and Patriots; DOD to Induct New Partners Into Military Spouse Employment Partnership and more ->





Military July 03, 04, 2020

Military.com: Navy Chief Who Died Aboard Deployed Carrier Roosevelt Identified; Troops Who Admit Marijuana Use Would Be Allowed to Reenlist Under New Provision; Duckworth Says She’ll Block Military Promotions Until Vindman Gets Consideration; At Rushmore, Trump Announces Plan to Establish ‘National Garden’ of Heroes and more ->


Task & Purpose: Here’s what it was like for the first woman to command a Marine Corps ground combat battalion; This is the Army’s message to parents of prospective soldiers in the wake of Vanessa Guillen’s disappearance; ‘Nothing like this should ever happen to one of our own’ — Army leaders call for justice in case of Vanessa Guillen and more ->

The Angry Staff Officer: An Ongoing American Revolution