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Military August 07, 2019

Task & Purpose: The mother of former Defense Secretary James Mattis has died; Meet the first female Marine assigned to fly the F-35C; Navy reassigns prosecutor caught trying to spy on Gallagher defense team before trial; Navy SEAL and Marine Raider could dodge sexual assault charges in hazing death of Green Beret in Mali; Chuck Norris has a new TV special, so we’re going to use this as an excuse to make a bunch of Chuck Norris jokes and more ->
Military.com: New Report Points to Acute Fatigue as Factor in Deadly Navy Ship Collision; $100M Wrongful Death Appeal Filed by Family of US Marine Recruit Denied; Terminally Ill Military Kids Can Now Receive Both Treatment and Hospice; Marine Sergeants Face New Deadline to Pick Up Staff Sergeant and more ->

Military June 07, 2019

One bullet each.

By Jared Keller: Marine Raider gets 4 years for Green Beret’s hazing death in Mali
“He and Logan Melgar were friends and he didn’t act like his friend that night,” he added.

Maxwell is the second of four U.S. special operations personnel to plead guilty so far. In May, Chief Special Warfare Officer Adam Matthews reached a pretrial agreement to plead guilty to charges of hazing, assault consummated by battery, burglary, and conspiracy to obstruct justice in exchange for referral to a special court-martial.
By James Clark: Shirtless Russian sailors casually sunbathe while their ship almost collides with US missile cruiser
Military.com | By Gina Harkins: Injured Recruit Gets OK to Leave Boot Camp After Parents Say He Was ‘Silenced’
A Marine recruit who was at boot camp for almost 500 days headed home this week after his parents sought help from lawmakers on his behalf and then raised retaliation concerns.

Alex Tipton, an 18-year-old from Arkansas, graduated early from high school in December 2017 so he could ship off to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. He set out to be an aviation supply specialist.
The Associated Press | By MICHELLE R. SMITH and Jennifer Mcdermott: Navy Probing Claims Against War College Leader
NEWPORT, R.I. — The military is investigating the president of the U.S. Naval War College amid allegations that he spent excessively, abused his hiring authority and otherwise behaved inappropriately, including keeping a margarita machine in his office.
Military.com | By Patricia Kime: Inspector General Finds VA Overcharged Disabled Vets on Home Loans
The Department of Veterans Affairs charged nearly 73,000 veterans improper home loan funding fees adding up $286 million, an error that could result in refunds for the affected veterans.

The VA Office of Inspector General released a report Thursday saying that, from Jan. 1, 2012, through Dec. 31, 2017, the VA improperly charged disabled veterans loan funding fees that they are not required to pay because of their disability status.
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About 53,200 veterans may be owed a total of $189 million, while an additional 34,400 veterans could receive refunds adding up to $164 million if the Veterans Benefits Administration, or VBA, doesn’t fix the problem that resulted in erroneous funding fee charges, the report found.
Military.com | By Matthew Cox: Full Details: Army to Test New Extreme Cold Weather Gear Next Year
“What we have heard from some of our subject-matter experts at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Alaska is they are active for a little while and then they will be static for a while and then they will start moving again,” she said. “So, when they are in that static position, they like to throw on the level seven of the ECWCS, and it helps them dry out.”
Posted by EighthCard: “The Shores of Normandy” by D-Day Veteran Jim Radford

Military June 05, 2019

Retired Lt. Col. Arleigh William “Bill” Dean

By Paul Szoldra: ‘America lost one of its greatest leaders’ — Former Special Forces officer who helped defeat ISIS dies in climbing accident

A memorial service for Dean is scheduled for 3 p.m. ADT on June 17 at 12300 Mendenhall Loop Road in Juneau, Alaska.
One bullet each.
By Jeff Schogol: Marine charged with Special Forces Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar’s death to plead guilty to negligent homicide
One bullet for Currie. If he had set a male on fire, would his punishment have been ore severe, would the military have listened to a man’s concerns?
By James Clark: The Army ignored her warnings about a dangerous colleague. Then he set her on fire “Everyone knew that it was building up and thought it could get violent.”
Alone in her office, Katie Blanchard saw him out of the corner of her eye.

It was Clifford Currie, a 54-year-old civilian employee who Blanchard supervised. She couldn’t yet see what was in his hands.

For months, Blanchard, then a first lieutenant, had warned her supervisors and coworkers that something would happen to her. She told them that Currie scared her. He would fly off the handle at a moment’s notice. He would yell and physically intimidate her.

She told them Currie was dangerous.

Then he did what she said he would.

As Currie stood in the doorway of Blanchard’s second floor office at Munson Army Health Center, he pulled out a small clear bottle filled with a brown liquid. His eyes were glazed over and bloodshot as he doused her in gasoline.

Then he lit a pair of matches and threw them on the 26-year-old Army nurse, lighting her on fire.
By David Vergun: Shanahan, Japanese Officials Agree to Deepen Cooperation
By Jim Garamone: Changing Environment Means Changing Arctic Strategy

Definition of alleged – said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality.

Military.com | By Oriana Pawlyk: Commander of Air Force Warfare Center Fired Over Alleged Relationship

The head of the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center was recently removed from command due to an alleged unprofessional relationship, the service said Wednesday.
Military.com | By Oriana Pawlyk: One-Star Falsely Claimed Flight Hours, Mistreated Subordinates: IG Report
By Katie Sanders, Business Insider: The 4 most dangerous missions heroic US troops carried out on D-Day 75 years ago
“Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well-trained, well-equipped and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely.”

As the sun set on the blood-stained beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944, Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s message to the thousands of Allied troops dispatched to carry out the largest amphibious landing in military history rang true.
Military.com | By Richard Sisk: Church Bells to Ring 13 Times to Honor 13 D-Day Medal of Honor Recipients
Church bells will ring 13 times Thursday in the hometowns of 13 service members who received the Medal of Honor for actions during the D-Day invasion, a moving tribute that masks an unfortunate dispute on where and when to memorialize all those who have earned the nation’s highest award for valor.

The bells event, which will take place at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on the 75th anniversary of the June 6, 1944, D-Day landings in Normandy, is sponsored by the non-profit National Medal of Honor Museum (NMOH).

Honorees include:

Carlton W. Barrett at First United Methodist Church in Fulton, New York
John Edward Butts at Trinity Lutheran Church in Medina, New York
Charles N. DeGlopper at Trinity Church in Grand Island, New York
Robert G. Cole at Trinity Baptist Church at Fort Sam Houston, Texas
John D. Kelly at First Presbyterian Church in Venango Township, Pennsylvania
Jimmie W. Monteith Jr. at Clifton Forge Presbyterian Church in Low Moor, Virginia
Carlos C. Ogden at Presbyterian Church in Borton, Illinois
John J. Pinder Jr. at Paris Presbyterian Church in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Theodore Roosevelt at North Shore Community Church in Oyster Bay, New York
Walter D. Ehlers at C.L. Hover Opera House in Junction City, Kansas
Joe Gandara at St. Monica Catholic Community Church in Santa Monica, California
Frank D. Peregory at St. Stephen’s Church in Esmont, Virginia
Arthur F. Defranzos at Cliftondale Congregational Church in Saugus, Massachusetts
Stars and Stripes | By John Vandiver: Today’s Rangers Scale Normandy Cliff in Honor of One of D-Day’s Boldest Actions
The Associated Press | By Rebecca Santana: Fighting Germans and Jim Crow: Role of Black Troops on D-Day
BATON ROUGE, La. — It was the most massive amphibious invasion the world has ever seen, with tens of thousands of Allied troops spread out across the air and sea aiming to get a toehold in Normandy for the final assault on Nazi Germany. And while portrayals of D-Day often depict an all-white host of invaders, in fact it also included many African Americans.
97-Year-Old WWII Veteran Parachutes to Mark D-Day Anniversary
Military.com | By Patricia Kime: Ancestry Marks D-Day with Free Access to its Military Collection
The genealogy company Ancestry is marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day by opening up its online military records for free for three days, starting at 12 a.m. Eastern Time on June 6. The offer ends June 9.

The company has more than 20 billion historical records, including 250 million global military records such as muster rolls, enlistment registrations, draft cards, prisoner and casualty lists, and even some court-martial results.

Company officials say they hope the offer will spur interest in World War II history and family connections to D-Day and other monumental events.

Military May 17, 2019

One bullet each.
You wish to help serve, protect and defend your country, who is going to protect you from your fellow service members?

By Jeff Schogol: ‘You are a disgrace to your Purple Heart’ — Green Beret’s mother rejects Navy SEAL’s apology for killing her son

Matthews was sentenced to one year in prison, reduction in rank to E-5, and given a bad conduct discharge, although the punitive discharge could be lessened if he testifies against the other service members involved in the case and Melgar’s family approves, according to Navy Capt. Michael Luken, the military judge overseeing the case.

Melgar died on June 4, 2017, when Matthews and three other U.S. service members hazed him with the permission of Melgar’s team leader.
A year in the brig, while Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar is still dead.
The Associated Press | By Ben Finley: Navy SEAL Gets Year in Brig for Hazing Death of Green Beret
You wish to help serve, protect and defend your country, who is going to protect you from your fellow service members?
Military.com | By Gina Harkins: Sailors Created ‘Rape List’ Aboard Navy’s 2nd Sub to Integrate Women

On June 16, 2018, Kercher’s senior enlisted adviser alerted him about two lists discovered aboard the sub. One ranked the female crewmembers using a star system. A second, which included sexually explicit comments next to each name, corresponded to those rankings, according to the investigation.

“Rumors of a ‘rape list’ were promulgated throughout the crew, significant numbers of females became concerned for their safety, and male members who learned of the list were equally repulsed,” Rear Adm. Jeff Jablon, then-commander of Submarine Group 10, wrote to his superior days before Kercher’s relief. “Very few knew what limited action was being taken by the [command].”

Kercher directed a search of the sub’s network to locate the list and identify those accessing it, the investigation states, but stopped short of opening a formal investigation and failed to notify his command.

The Associated Press | By TOM FOREMAN Jr.: A Separate War: Pioneering Black Marines Endured, Prevailed

Stars and Stripes | By J.P. Lawrence: US Airstrike, Coordinated with Afghans, Accidentally Killed Up to 17 Policemen
Fighting in Helmand has claimed the lives of more American, British and Afghan soldiers than any other province in Afghanistan during the 18-year war. Insurgents controlled slightly more than half of Helmand’s territory, according to U.S. military data from October.

Thursday’s attack comes about two months after miscommunication led to a U.S. airstrike that killed at least five Afghan soldiers and wounded nine others at a checkpoint in neighboring Uruzgan province, another area of heavy Taliban activity. In that March incident, a firefight had erupted after soldiers at a checkpoint began shooting at a patrol of their own troops, who were accompanied by American advisers on a planned nighttime raid outside the provincial capital Tirin Kot.

Military.com | By Richard Sisk: It’s Official: Former Senator, WWII Vet Bob Dole Is Now An Army Colonel
Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley made it official Thursday: 95-year-old Bob Dole, the former senator, presidential contender and World War II veteran, is now a colonel.

In a private ceremony at one of Dole’s favorite spots, the World War II Memorial, where he sometimes shows up unannounced to greet other veterans, Milley conferred the honorary rank of colonel on the former Army 10th Mountain Division captain.
Interesting comments.
The Associated Press: Report: Marine Corps Punished at Least 8 Instructors over Hazing Claims