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Military August 06 & 07, 2021

Military.com: Retired Marine Whose Troops Planted US Flag on Iwo Jima Dies; Poor Weather Hampers Crash Victim Recovery Efforts in Alaska; Fort Benning Memorializes Soldier Lynched 80 Years Earlier at the Post as Army Acknowledges an Injustice; The Story Behind the Air Force Chief of Staff’s ‘Kicking Butt’ Recruiting Ad; Smokey the Bear’s First Job Was Warning Americans about Japanese Fire Balloons and more ->
Task & Purpose: A small tweak to how the Army trains new soldiers is dramatically reducing sex ual assault reports “There was no question about what the expectations are.”; An Air Force drone more costly than an F-35 just fell out of the sky in North Dakota Grand Forks Air Force Base has requested the public avoid the scene of the crash; Air Force officer shows courageous restraint by not punching irate attacker on DC street “We’re good. Walk away.” And more ->
DoD: Selfish to selfless: an Airman’s 32-year journey; Fort Lee Supports Afghan Relocation; Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III on National Purple Heart Day and more ->





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