Tag: The Braved What Happens when Filipino Soldiers take “Leave no man Behind” to Heart

Military July 20, 2021

Military.com: Afghan War’s End Quiets Chaplain’s Litany of Funeral Prayers; Military to Remove ‘Stepchild’ Designation from New ID Cards After Complaints; What Happened to Pat Tillman’s Jersey? Here’s How the Last Americans at Bagram Airfield Rushed to Secure Mementos. And more ->
Task & Purpose: New Air Force recruiting pitch: It doesn’t matter what you look like, just that you can kick enemy ass “You don’t know who I am—whether I’m African American, Asian American, Hispanic, White, male or female. You just know I’m an American airman, kicking your butt.”; The first 2,500 Afghans evacuated were the easiest to get out. What about the rest? Time is running out.; US launches first airstrike on target in Somalia since Biden became president U.S. troops were outside of Somalia at the time. And more ->
DD: Sports Heroes Who Served: Football Star Becomes Marine Corps 3-Star and more ->